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11-02-2018, 02:53 PM
If you are new to DDO, I would like to welcome you!

Sources: DDO game play and Wizards of the Coast: Players Handbook

Ability Scores:

STR - (Strength) Natural Athleticism, Bodily Power - In DDO, it boosts how much damage you can inflict upon your enemies (Paladins, Fighters, some Clerics)
DEX - (Dexterity) Physical Agility, Reflexes, Balance, Poise - In DDO, this will help you dodge blows from enemies and sneak. (Rangers, Rogues, Sorcerer)
CON - (Constitution) Health, Stamina, Vital Force - In DDO, this is important for everyone, it increases hit points and improves the Concentration skill. (Everyone)
INT - (Intelligence) Mental Acuity, Information Recall, Analytical Skill - In DDO, this is important for reading runes, disabling devices, searching, etc. (Wizards, some Rogues)
WIS - (Wisdom) Awareness, Intuition, Insight - In DDO, this increases your acute senses, such as detecting traps or secret doors (Cleric, Druid, some Rogues)
CHA - (Charisma) Confidence, Eloquence, Leadership - In DDO, this improves a ton of skills and helps class skills such as "lay on hands" and "turn undead". This is also important for characters high in hit points, a high CHA will aid the "Intimidate skill". (Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock, some Fighters, some Paladins)

That's all there is to it, I hope this Forum helped!

If you would like other help or assistance, I will be posting forums about Skills, Classes, and Races. Please shoot me an email on the Sarlona server! My names with levels are below.

Welcome to DDO and Good Luck!


11-03-2018, 04:05 AM
This is a very loose list of functions and uses stats have, a thread with this title should give more detailed and accurate information.
Such info can be found here:

Also, hheck out this nice thread:

However, I believe most new players, who seek advice and guidance here, might not understand everything there at first glance, so here's a newbie-friendly list about stat usefulness.


- primary stat for melees who want to slice or smash people, like barbarians, fighters and paladins
- as it modifies carrying capacity and jumping, everyone benefits from STR, for a modest investment (usually items are enough)


- primary stat for rangers, both melee and ranged, since they have enhancements to use DEX for attack and damage
- very important for rogues and monks, for the same reason as rangers


- increases hit points and fortitude saves, a secondary must have for everyone


- primary stat for wizards and artificers, their spellcasting ability is based on it
- very important for rogues too, because the the trap removing skills rely on it
- provides skill points for everyone - for this reason, you might want to put some points into INT at character generation, since items and enhancements won't apply to the number of skill points gained


- primary stat for clerics and druids, their spellcasting ability is based on it
- important for paladins and rangers too, for spellcasting purposes
- very important for monks, their special class abilities rely on it


- primary stat for sorcerers, bards and warlocks, their spellcasting ability is based on it
- very important for paladins and clerics, since Turn Undead's, Lay on Hands' and Divine Grace's effectiveness are based on their class level and charisma score
- Use Magic Device (UMD) is a very important CHA-based skill, it allows classes use scrolls and wands and some items they wouldn't normally be able to. A must have for all classes, even though getting it to a high enough level might require serious investment, it will worth the effort.

Favored Souls can choose between WIS and CHA for spellcasting purposes, and can use either for attack and damage with their deities' favored weapons (as long as fvs is the character's dominant class)