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10-27-2018, 03:52 PM
With cosmetic items building up and cluttering toons, the game could use a cosmetic storage of some kind.

Cosmetic Wardrobe: Storage for cosmetic items
Cosmetic Wardrobe comes with the following upon purchase from DDO store:
-3 Hangers, each holds up to 5 cosmetic items
-1 Shelf, holds up to 3 different Glamering Mirrors (x5 each)
Each wardrobe can hold up to 10 hangers
Each hanger contains slots for the following:
-1 Cosmetic Armor Slot
-1 Cosmetic Headgear/Goggles Slot
-1 Cosmetic Cloak Slot
-1 Cosmetic Primary Weapon Slot
-1 Cosmetic Secondary Weapon/Shield/Orb Slot
One shelf with the following slots:
-1 Slot to hold up to 5 Mirror of Glamerings
-1 Slot to hold up to 5 Glamered Weapon Auras
-1 Slot to hold 1 Boravian Mist Glamered Weapon Aura
Purchase up to 7 hangers from the DDO store

This is just a rough idea, so please feel free to make changes and give opinions.


10-27-2018, 05:51 PM
Sadly, the Devs have said that adding the functionality of any kind of cosmetic storage would absolutely necessitate a total overhaul of the way cosmetics work within DDO's code. So... unlikely to ever happen, as that ship has long since sailed.

10-31-2018, 07:22 AM
So this is my Idea to make it work - Use the code for a bag, and the code for the actual cosmetic spots on your paperdoll.
Place those paperdoll spots inside the bag...my job is done.

If it won't all go in one bag, at least have a bag for each...
Cosmetic Hat Bag
Cosmetic Cloak Bag
Cosmetic Weapon Bag
Cosmetic Armor

To license this idea please place one of each said bag in Cambo's Bank and
10% royalty payment in Astral shards on each item sold in the DDO Store....HaHa

11-01-2018, 08:58 PM
Maybe update the inventory and add a tab like the stable for instance. Add a tab for cosmetics and make it available for purchase at the ddo store. Would this also be hindered by coding?

11-02-2018, 02:33 AM
Way way way too much over-think here. :)

Given known limitations of the Cosmetic Item system, add 100 units of Bank Vault storage, sold in the usual 20 slot increments. Everyone may then purchase 100 units of Cosmetic Item storage (or whatever). Done!

12-01-2018, 10:45 PM