View Full Version : Introduce More Forbidden Books To DDO, Also Expand SSG to P&P

10-27-2018, 03:37 PM
I am watching videos on D&D lore and am seeing some potential here.

Firstly, you could create more content with Erandis Vol in it by introducing Vecna as Vecna definitely seems to be someone Lady Vol would have interest in working with and introducing The Book Of Vile Darkness and the Book Of Keeping could easily tie together a lot of Lore that is in the world of DDO in such a way as to facilitate the introduction of Vecna and ultimately pave way to true endgame bosses such as perhaps even a Baernaloth.

Licensing Issues?

Well, you could get together and write the D&D campaign module up and sell it to Wizards Of The Coast partly in exchange for the rights to adapt it into DDO.... I don't quite know for sure how everything with their published modules work, but hey the suggestion may or may not have merit.

If you need permissions from Wizards Of The Coast to publish certain content, perhaps you could find something to offer them in exchange, something they may actually want that only you have the ability to grant them, hence..... granting them rights to something of SSG's creation in exchange for rights SSG desires may make some sense, the question is.......... does SSG even have the time and skill to create a D&D module that Wizards Of The Coast would want?

Should Standing Stones Games attempt to expand into pen and paper module creation?

It could expand the overall permissions that SSG is able to acquire if such would be able to create content that Wizards Of The Coast would deem to be good quality, but in all honesty such would possibly be wise to try and make appear separate from SSG, like a company baring a new name all together.

If we examine Dragon Heist we can find that such was published this year. If we examine the link below we can find a list of authors, if there is any mystery as to how they managed to get said content published as an official D&D P&P product we can likely just consult one of said authors.