View Full Version : monk change ideas for after arcane pass

10-26-2018, 01:48 AM
remove staff fighting from henshin mystic, will get back to that

add hooked swords and nunchaku as exotic weapons that monks gain efficiency for automatically, like with kama and shuriken
either core 1 or tier 1 of shintao monk have a weapon selector, sort of like with kensei, between: handwraps, staff, hooked swords, and nunchaku.
allow bonuses for handwraps in fire stance, because fist of fury, hooked sword in wind stance, nunchaku in mountain stance, and staff in ocean stance.

if fire stance is selected in shintao then maybe have options to buff flurry of blows or weapon die
if hooked swords in wind maybe allow bonuses in double strike and dual wielding hooked swords
if nunchaku in mountain stance maybe allow full, or half damage, to glancing blow hits
if staff in ocean stance maybe grant bonuses to trip and stun, and allow wisdom to be used instead of strength for stunning blow and trip.

all aforementioned weapons would have +1 to crit range and +1 to crit multiplier in t5 of tree and middle of core line assuming you are using appropriate selected weapon in appropriate stance.
there would be multi selectors that give special attacks depending on what weapon you selected i.e. if one chose staff then maybe an aoe trip? would have to have a sizable cd on that, though.
fix staff durability
monks have unique fighting animation for unarmed/wraps. give them one for staff and all monk exotic weapons, too. also give special short sword animations if a person went ninja spy.

henshin means transform, and henshin mystics believe that all people have the potential to ascend into a kind of godhood. add moar ki spell like abilities. the ones from the core would be mostly the same. there will be a line of enhancements from t1-t5, the contents of this line will depend on if you selected path of harmony or path of dominion feat. if path of harmony it they will focus on actively buffing allies. if dominion it will focus on debuffs to enemies.
also needs means to improve passive ki generation, or maybe certain abilities will restore small flat amounts if successful.
need more fire/force sla
adjust cauldron of fire to better fit theme of tree

grandmaster of flowers is kind of weak. buff numbers in elemental stance pickups in the tree. let damage from the lily petal tree scale like current henshin core sla can, but a bit better.