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08-31-2018, 06:05 AM
TL;DR: This game is about numbers. Trial and error building characters is not fun. Please create a consolidated data base on the forum to provide quality information about those numbers (and related things).

Hi there

I would like to suggest a new subforum, called:

Game mechanics/enhancements

In this subforum people can post questions regarding game mechanics, wording and actual function as intended by the dev.s. This avoided falling into traps while leveling a character and made self sufficient reserach much much easier. Of course it demanded a certain amount of manpower for moderation and maybe activity regarding the golden avatars to respond ;). I do not think the current state of reporting bugs ingame or posting in the support forum is intuitive or comfortable.

I do not like guessing the real function of an enhancement in combination with others. Case in point, the phrasing of Killer Insinct 2 of The Falconry tree. I would like to have a reliable data base for my own research, best backed up by dev. response or select rule gurus to rely on and where there is uncertainty a healthy discussion about rule mechanics developped without the fear of exposing some glitch/bug/exploit, because these are considered bad and do not concern me. Things concerning me are reading feat/item/enhancement/class/race descritpions and sometimes not knowing the exact function in combination with other mechanics so I can make an informed decision about my character.

Further this subforum provided a link to all current official bugs and maybe is maintained by community so it can be updated on a frequent basis. For example, it had a sticky thread with a link list for current bugs and QoL ideas etc.

08-31-2018, 07:27 AM


A perfect example for what i would post in this sub-forum is my findings with the Broken Ore one handed staff.

If anyone is wondering: TWF doesn't work with it, SWF doesn't work with it, but THWF works with it even if you have another weapon, or even shield, equipped.
THWF and shield mastery can both be active at the same time with it.