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08-01-2018, 08:01 PM
Update 39 Patch 1 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 39 Patch 1, released on Thursday, August 2nd.

News and Notes:


Occult Slayer's fourth tier Wisdom enhancement no longer crashes your UI.

Fixed an issue that was causing Falconry attacks to stop movement.

Warpriest and Warsoul

The first rank of Inflame now works.
Radiant Flourish's light damage now applies to more creatures.
Divine Vessel now adds stacks of Divine Conduit more reliably.

Fixed some icons in Vistani Knife Fighter, Battle Engineer, Beacon of Hope, and Angel of Vengeance.


The Spark of Memory no longer drops in Heroic difficulties.
Blackrazor's Entropic damage is now Untyped instead of Evil.
Transmuted Platinum weapons now provide their crowd control benefits more reliably.
Spell Components now mention Warlocks.
Orbs with Insightful Radiance Lore now get their proper bonus.
Fixed an issue with feeding a jewel to a Sentient Weapon that had a Spark.
The Epic Confiscated Mail is now officially Epic in name.

Quests and Adventure Areas

The Black Loch

Fixed an issue that could cause the third necromancer to not spawn.

Enter the Kobold

Fixed an issue that could break one of the puzzles in the quest.

Kind of a Big Deal

The Spiderweb door in the Kobold's Mouth is no longer burnable.

Memory Lapse

Corrected an issue that could cause the end fight to not progress properly.

The Price of Freedom

The mutiny now properly ends when all the enemies are defeated.
A Dimension Door now appears on the ship after someone in the party makes it to the prison island. The Dimension Door disappears after Talbron is rescued.
Lava is now more dangerous in this quest.
The Warden's Lair is now warmer on Epic Difficulty.

White Plume Mountain

The Burton/Snarla chest is now locked until they are defeated.
Snarla no longer creates a boss vampire on Epic Hard.
Corrected mismatched objectives on some text.


Fixed an issue that was causing the DDO game client to crash on OSX.
Soul Stones now drop in place before teleporting when using the /stuck command.
Corrected some loading screen issues with Mask of Deception, Ascension Chamber, and Repossession.