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07-01-2018, 05:02 PM
When combined with the gear that is currently available...... if these two items came into play, single weapon fighting War Domain Clerics would become a force to be reckoned with (Outside of Reaper).

Ring Of Vol Ring

Minimum Level: 27
Improved Deific Arsenal:Bastard Swords and Greatswords are now treated as if your deity's favored weapon in addition to your deity's true favored weapon (If you are proficient with them).
Blood Rage Augmentation: You are now able to cast Divine spells while in a Blood Rage
Improved Quelling strikes
Selective Vampirism: When wielding a dagger, greatsword, or single weapon fighting with a bastard sword your attacks gain legendary vampirism (This weapon provides 1d6 hitpoints of positive energy-typed healing every time you damage an enemy. For Warforged, this weapon provides 1d6 repair energy for healing instead of positive energy, this item is unnatural and will uncenter you and break druidic oath, effect does not stack with scion of Shadowfell feat).
Green Augment Slot

Orb Of Vol Orb

Minimum Level: 27
Improved Healer's Bounty
Greater Dispelling Guard
Flanking Mastery: When flanking an enemy in combat you gain +3 to attack, +3% double strike, and +5 melee power
Quality Healing Amplification +18
Orange Augment Slot

Balancing Notes: When creating these items I took into mind;

***Cleric Vistani Knife Fighter Builds being poor

***The existence of Bloodrage Chrism

***The existence of Legendary Locus Of Vol

***The inclusion of single weapon fighting features in the vistani Knife fighter tree

***War Domain and Destruction Domain benefits

***Common rates in which health is lost during melee for a cleric with decent resistances and defenses.

***The existence of Legendary Greensteel's regeneration effect

***Vol Deity Feat Benefits

***Past Life Fast healing

***Autumn Harvest Twist OF Fate

***Fast Healing Twist OF Fate

***Current max possible healing amplification from items

***Swashbuckling compatibility

***Align items to be related to new class changes announced

***Single weapon fighting feats and potential for progression in such as a cleric or favored soul

If these two items went up on Lammania and got tested, I'd expect some interesting feedback...