View Full Version : DDOCast 523 & DDO Players News 183 - Update 39 Preview 1

06-26-2018, 06:21 PM

Draculetta from DDO Players News joins us for a coproduction show this week along with Arkat as we take a look at Update 39 Preview 1 on Lammania!

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06-27-2018, 04:06 AM
Weren't SSG doing some hiring recently? Seems to me a load of these smaller bugfixes & changes are probably the results of training new starters & "it's a training exercise" is a good excuse to clear out a load of the lower-priority items from the list since they might be relatively easier or at least less likely to have weird side-effects.

I like that they've allowed people to still get the older versions of the crystal cove loot, as certain pieces of legacy gear can have much more useful effects, eg. the cloak of ice with it's blue fireshield clicky, the tattered gloves with their double-digit fire lore at only ml2, which you simply can't get in the newer lootgen & the phiarlan mirror cloak with it's spell resistance that's actually relatively reliable in the lower levels.

There's a later note about divine champion needing mithril body for favoured souls & adamantine body for the cleric version - which seems foolish really as adamantine body's DR actually stacks with the capstone & racial enhancements & having 15/adamantine instead of only 10/ combined with the extra PRR is pretty nice.

AoV tree getting some SLAs is great - it's a bit of a shame that they lose the unique free spell from the capstone, though admittedly only about half of those were really all that great anyway. I like that one of the SLAs is cometfall - on my cleric I typically use it more for the knockdown effect to save SPs, but it can dish out a decent amount of hurt when you turn on the metamagics so favoured souls will be able to really make the most of it's dual CC & damage potential - now they just need to update hirelings so Larafey has it & won't burn through all her SP in 2 fights :)