View Full Version : IMPORTANT item details hidden behind links in store

06-23-2018, 02:27 PM
So I tr'd into a iconic build yesterday and immediately realized it was horrible. But, that's okay because +20 hearts are currently in the store! Wanted to go from 15 ranger to 10FvS/5Bard so I also purchased an alignment change as that was needed. Well, the alignment change has to happen in a tavern (info hidden behind links in store) so I ended up having to redo all 15 levels to something that I didn't want just to get out of the Life Shaper area and change the alignment. Well, so in game ticket support tells me to go F myself. As of right now I'm out the +20 heart and will have to wait 3 days to use the extra +5 heart just to get to where I wanted.

Yesterday I re-upped my subscription for 3 months, bought a couple big bags, bought the +20 heart.....and I regularly spend money on the game.

Is it really too much to ask to at least get a reincarnation bypass timer so I can play my character this weekend while I have time off?