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06-23-2018, 11:44 AM
Amscar not spawning at the endfight has been an issue that has periodically occurred over the last few years.

Normally on those rare occasions we would put in an ingame ticket, GM pops in sees that he hasn't spawned and will spawn him or kill him to let us be able to finish the quest.
over the last couple years I have had to have this reset maybe 8 times(its run on every racial life that we run over the course of the week on our levelling toons so at least 100x we have run this quest) ..
.. all 8 times were resolved by an ingame GM , couple other times we just reset since the GM took too long to respond or we didn't want to wait for a GM.

Last night however..

Ticket submitted..

Ticeket Posted: Amskar didn't spawn for end fight in WGU..
Followup post: 200 more kills wasting time waiting for a GM to fix this bugged end fight

Autoclosed ticket.
GM response:
The issue you have described has been recorded for review by the In-Game Support team but is not an issue that we can assist with. We recommend that you take a moment to submit a formal bug report at this url: https://help.standingstonegames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=438007 to aid in the research of this issue. Please understand that while bug reports are great for gathering information, bug reports may not be responded to and may not offer an immediate resolution to your issue.

Dropped down the Reaper skulls and reran it for a completion..
but still... now we are out time ticked down for DDO store 50% pots for our whole group and wasted time even bothering to put in an ingame ticket to wait for a BS GM response and auto[explative]close ticket.

DDO you really need to evaluate your auto close ticket policy.. if we take the time to put in a ticket we deserve to get chat time and actual in game customer support..