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06-19-2018, 09:03 PM

Asheras joins us to look at the news this week including updates to the Beacon of Hope Favored Soul enhancement tree! Then we look at pt 3 of our Leveling 30+ guide!

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Game News - 2:00
Community News - 25:16
Lightning Post - 31:46
Leveling 30+ pt 3 - 35:22

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06-22-2018, 02:09 AM
Death House is probably my favourite of the Ravenloft quests too & it's an easy farm; if you're running a trapper, the ring from there is amazing, letting you consolidate your primary spot, search, disable device & open lock gear all on the one slot.

For An Invitation to Dinner, I definitely recommend trying to find a guide if you want a fast 1st-time elite or reaper completion otherwise you can spend ages in there - though you should definitely do the long exploration a couple of times anyway so you can get to know the place, there's loads of interesting things & characters. The main door exit point is the hardest but it's balanced by the fact that the guards there are orange-named, so crowd control spells & abilities can work on them - iirc they're the only dragons (not counting pseudodragons) in the game that aren't red or purple named & playing as a monk, it just feels awesome to punch a dragon so hard it sees stars :) Of course, being orange named also runs the risk of at least 1 of them spawning as a champion...