View Full Version : 4% Positive amp debuff per skull (aka: healing penalty)

06-18-2018, 03:46 PM
So something was pointed out that I never knew and I run a lot of high skull reapers but usually without a healer type.

So from tests on my sorc that has 131 Amp, I was repeatedly healed by a buddy that had 75% wand and scroll mastery from R1 through to R10. In a public space and in R1 i was scroll healed for 443 hps, from R2 and onward there was a 4% straight line decrease in scroll efficiency starting with:

R2: 425hps
R3: 407hps
R4: 389hps
R5: 372hps
R6: 354hps
R7: 336hps
R8: 318hps
R9: 301hps
R10: 283hps

I knew that there was a debuff for offensive casting but never knew that this also affected positive spells.

So not only is there a self healing penalty, there is also a healing penalty.

06-18-2018, 03:48 PM
Technically, healing is "positive energy damage".

All forms of damage are reduced in Reaper.
Without taking HAmp into consideration, you do the exact same amount of damage to undead as you'd heal a party member.
In Reaper too.