View Full Version : Some thoughts on new stuff i'd like to see

06-02-2018, 08:56 AM
Ok, I've been playing DDO since it first came out in 06, off and on. I would like to see a few things that I think would be either cool and/or helpful.

Spell Component pouches

I think I've brought this up before, but I've haven't heard anything about it. Just a simple system of pouches. Make 3 different ones for both Arcane and Divine spells. Level 1-3, level 4-6 and level 7-9 and one for EXPENSIVE components (like for stoneskin, etc). I mean, if they can make cookie jars for something that only happens once or twice a year....

For the love of all that is holy let me trip with a bow equipped! Just use base weapon damage with no ammo.


They would work just like quivers but for throwing daggers, hammers, darts, shurikens, etc.

Evil alignments. But they would have to have their own starting area and line of quests. Just don't add evil and give them nothing. They would need an evil paladin equivalent, etc.

Also, here is the idea I posted for crafting 8 years ago long before the current system was implemented and then changed.

I forgot one:

Improved Augment Summoning

Makes your class pet (e.g. Artificer, Druid) the same level as your total character level. You only get AP points to spend for class levels for that pet however. Give it Augment Summoning as a prereq and maybe a level restriction...I don't know. My little arty/rogue would love to use his pet, pet it's useless at his level.