View Full Version : I want to give you my money.. but this is insane

05-26-2018, 05:27 AM
hey guys!
Long time player returning after about a 2 year break!
populations seemed cool wanted to try the new exspansion

So i've been stuck in quests numerous times from them lagging out or bugging in the past week since i started back.
From Tower of Frost to The baudry cartman line(wich ive never seen bugged)

Most the time I just restart the quest no big deal but on the ones where I've been in there soloing for a hour I send a ticket.
Now last time I played tickets got responses.
Now I get a response 3 days later telling me they could not help me because I was offline like some kind of sick joke?
Is this a tactic to make us waste our money?
Purchase more exp pots cause you guys don't compensate?
I just don't understand.

The majority of people who are still playing this game have put A LOT of money into over the years to keep this game alive, but Im really getting the impression that you guys just don't care anymore about supporting the people who have helped support you.

I love this game, but i've never been more upset with the customer service in all the 5 years i've played this game as I have been in the past 5 days.