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05-14-2018, 06:24 PM

Evilbeeker joins us for the news this week then we complete our Updadte 38 Review with Hephaestus, Voodu, Evennote & Arkat!

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Game & Community News - 1:58
Lightning Post - 9:33
Update 38 Review - 25:55

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DDO Chronicle 283 (https://www.ddo.com/en/news/ddo-chronicle-issue-283)

05-16-2018, 02:03 AM
It's worth killing the firebomber at least once, because there aren't many warforged titans to collect for the monster manual's hunter deeds - just do a rerun on casual if necessary.

I haven't seen the elixir of discovery yet, so the fact it's a time-limited buff rather than being a one-off like a chest blessing is news to me & makes it a lot more attractive to use on a highbie for running heroic quests on elite to get some nice TR gear.

I hadn't thought about using globe of invulnerability in running with the devils to deal with their searing light attacks, that's going to make life a lot easier! Presumably it could extend to a decent amount of things on reaper too; now the problem is making sure the party is willing to go a little slower to actually benefit from it.

I haven't been running epics much recently since I've been busy with a couple of TRs but from what I've played, the changes to melee power in the destinies is certainly a very noticeable boost, so I'm definitely going to be making more use of shadowdancer on a couple of my characters. It also means there's an even more significant power jump once you hit level 20 if you already have destiny levels vs. not having any. As a bonus though, it means GMoF will be a lot less painful to level for non-centered melees since you'll at least get that melee power even if you still can't use a number of the cooler abilities.