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04-27-2018, 11:03 AM
I see many forum posts lately asking for an end game or complaining that there isn't one, what I see very little of though is suggestions on how to make an end game. From what I have read from various forum posts, I think I know what it is people want in an end game, they want a type of sandbox mode. From the looks of it the end game community wants a type of sandbox mode where you can fight wave after wave of enemy as it progressively gets harder though they would want some sort of reward in exchange. While I don't see something of that nature to be the devs desire, an idea I had was make a giant super dungeon. A single quest the size of Barovia and to make it so it doesn't get old super fast, incorporate some of the stuff they had in Haunted Halls of Eveningstar and Amber Temple/Invitation to Dinner. This would mean not only is there no "memorize the quest and be done in 5 minutes" instead you explore the whole dungeon to get to the end. Perhaps even implement a kill x enemies to open a gateway and have an alternate route that caters to stealth and trappers. For rewards/incentive, either make a new crafting system that uses old items from raids like ADQ or something really new (adds to power creep a little so may not be a good idea) random objectives in there can give you a type of blessing that allows you to gain abilities from another class i.e. a fighter gains the ability to cast cure light wounds at no cost but with long timer or paladin can sing a bard song or two. Any suggestions/add ons you guys may have, please feel free to help turn this rough idea into a sparkling diamond :D

04-27-2018, 11:59 AM
Start with a huge area, dotted with towns, and a few new quests. Hide all the quests with on/off blockages: boulders blocking caves, forests hiding ruins, etc. Develop assorted slayer quests in the wilderness: orc invasion, kidnapped princess, whatever. Start raider group in entry city/area, find quest giver with clues. (There is only one) At that point, the proper blockage has been removed, or the slayer quest populated. Transfer to nearest town, exit following directions. Random encounters are to be expected.

Note that the group has formed without knowing the quest.

Updates have new dungeons, new slayer quests, maybe retire old ones for a few months.

Epic level only. It is, after all, the end game.

Rewards: Unique cosmetics, rare collectables, weird augments (sapphire of kobold form), astral shards, rainbow auras, go wild. (No XP?)

Make it scary: on death, the character must be raised or the stone recovered, or that character's gear is lost. If the party wipes, all gear is lost.

04-27-2018, 09:42 PM
LFM End Game. Need Guide

04-28-2018, 07:26 AM
Another thought:

Take any current raid, bring up multiple instances, portals in some common arena. Multiple groups start at the same time, first group to finish and return wins. Randomly rotate raid, using the entire list, flagging not required. Do not identify raid.

Rewards: usual raid loot, names of winning group posted somewhere.

This might require a real SSG person to monitor results.

05-10-2018, 11:42 AM
I discuss this with my guildy's all the time.

DDO used to have an "end game" it was Pre-MOTU when "Epic Weapons and Armor (lvl 20)" required a scroll a shard and a seal and a base version of the item one wished to make "epic". While these old and crusty epics still exist in many/most cases they have been rendered obsolete by even non-named items that drop in higher level content which are far easier to acquire.

Pre-MOTU an end-game toon was one that had most of their items epic'd.

Now with every new pack that gets released there is some new gear that was better then was in the previous pack, gear needs to be more fluid and they keep you chasing the next slightly better item as they release more and more packs.

DDO has no end game because they don't have a final standard.........like "legendary" level gear..........Where there are limited amounts of the gear items and one must finally decide on what works for their build.

From what I've seen they are trying to accomplish this through item set bonuses. But I don't see that actually providing the "end game" everybody is talking about.

One of the cooler idea's I've seen is the one where somebody suggest a type of "Super-Raid" featuring many different Raid bosses/or ALL of them with different paths so the group could run as many or as little as they wanted to (you could get completion for just killing one raid boss). Perhaps have the rewards get better and better with every raid boss your group defeats as incentive to keep pushing on. Perhaps if the group finishes all the bosses they are guaranteed a random named loot item as a quest turn in reward.

In a nutshell: DDO needs a final standard

05-10-2018, 12:35 PM
Develop a series of quests/raids available only to triple-class+racial completionists. Stock it with the gods themselves, in their prime planes/environments. Be vicious, sorta reaper factorial. Make the series extremely long, like days, with safe areas where you can log off and return later. If you leave the plane, you have to start over. No access to bank, vendors, etc.

05-10-2018, 03:00 PM
Teleport to plane where 'magic' doesn't work, except for 'divine' spells. Competency and morale bonuses would work, but not 'enchantment', 'mystic', 'artifact', etc. Cleric's personal heal and raise spells ok, but no potions, scrolls, or wands. No guild buffs. No animal form. Experience feats and enhancements ok (dodge, fast movement, action boosts, doubleshot, etc).

This might not be too hard to code if could just copy and zero out parts of character and equipment description tables.

05-14-2018, 06:20 PM
I see many forum posts lately asking for an end game or complaining that there isn't one, what I see very little of though is suggestions on how to make an end game.

One != Many. Just because a single discussion sticks around for a week or so doesn't mean that there were "many".

05-14-2018, 06:27 PM
Pre-MOTU an end-game toon was one that had most of their items epic'd.

Nah. Pre-MOTU an endgame toon belonged to a player who was *willing to run epic quests*, generally because getting past lives was a giant pain in the ass. For most characters, there were only a very few epic items that were actually useful, and you'd generally be using a ToD set, several greensteel items, Abbot items, Hound and VoD items, even stuff out of Reaper's Fate (Madstone Boots, Madstone Shield). The difference between the heroic version of the item and the epic version was, usually, a +1.