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04-22-2018, 04:51 PM
Dagger Of Vol

Minimum level 29

Improved Deity Feat: The Blood is The Life will now last an additional 90 seconds

Better Offhanded: While this item is in your offhand, it gains +2[W].

Vampirism 4

Critical Piercing Effect: On vorpal, this weapon deals 10 D120 piercing damage (Legendary greensteel offers this effect with elemental properties rather than piercing)

Attacks and offensive spells reduce enemy PRR and MRR by 10 each. Attacks and offensive spells have a % chance to summon a random type of Legendary Animal Or Vermin (Wolf, bat, rat, or spider) (Adapted from legendary ooze)

Exceptional Healing Amplification +45 (As seen on level 21 mysterious bracers)

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I designed this Dagger for a Vistani Knife Fighter/Warpriest/Fury Of The Wild Cleric build.... it should not be made sentient compatible and the knife in the mainhand would be advised to utilize the One Against Many Filigree set.