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04-16-2018, 07:44 PM

Propane & Patrick take a look at the release of Update 38 and other DDO news this week - then we start our Old Baba’s Hut Strategy Guide with Voodu!

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Game News - 1:58
Community News - 19:36
Lightning Post - 24:30
Stormreach Tours: Oath of Vengeance - 29:00
Old Baba’s Hut Strategy Guide - 33:37

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04-17-2018, 01:57 AM
I've been loving renegade mastermaker tree, having that CLW admixture as an SLA is basically the new 1st-to-take enhancement for a fleshy arty or one running in parties IMO with it's dual use for healing multiple party members at once & AoE damage against undead, without having to worry about keeping a stack of potions as components for it. Remember though, that even with the melee attacks at lower levels don't expect it to be the DPS tree because it isn't; it's about keeping you & your party alive - you'll likely have trouble fitting in critical boosts for weapons, especially if you go to tier 5 in the tree, though if you're playing as a scourge aasimar or a gnome you can get some bonuses that'd apply with certain arty weapons through their racial lines.

It's nice being able to play an effective melee animal form druid without having to rely on bugs etc. & I've been having a lot of fun with my bear - will be interesting to try mixing it with barbarian & having a frenzied bearserker who can be an effective party healer & buffer too.

For the wisps in Baba's raid, if you're DPSing them I highly recommend arcane pulse for casters, since wisps take extra damage from force & that spell has a low basic SP cost plus short cooldown so you can get multiple stacks of it in place really quickly - in fact, it's just a great spell for any enemy you want to pile ongoing damage on :)

Cyclonic blast being broken is annoying, but I have a feeling once it's fixed they'll probably do something to offset it & keep the difficulty up, my prediction if they're feeling particularly bloody-minded would be to give Baba the ability to cast disjunction - iirc the only other boss to have it is the abbot & with her as an epic-level caster boss, it'd make sense that she'd have it.

Most important part of dealing with the hut in Baba's raid is, if you get the aggro, play or hum Yakkety Sax while you run away from it.

Oh, a thought about the camoflague spells switching to determination from circumstance bonuses... since we don't really have much that gives a circumstance bonus to anything already, presumably it's to allow stacking with something in the future? It could be some stealth-specific gear, or maybe for forthcoming quests, where stealthy approach is an option & they might add bushes or something that grant a circumstance bonus when inside them, similar to how standing close to the mushrooms in ToEE give you that sheltered effect to protect from the instakill?