View Full Version : A sort of system for mixed levels.

03-30-2018, 09:56 PM
Loads of MMORPGs have a system in which a player of much lower level can group with someone of a much higher level by having their stats scale. While I understand this would be somewhat more complex for DDO, I think it would be very valuable.

DDO is built around people constantly reincarnating and starting over. I think such a system would increase grouping exponentially.

There are loads of challenges, like making sure low level players don't just farm high level dungeons. But, I think it's very doable.

03-31-2018, 04:12 AM
I'd like to see it only scale downward, not upward, and while somewhat complex it's perfectly doable:

Your class levels become whatever they were at the scaled level
Epic Destinies turn off if you scale from 20+ to below 20
Scaling effects on gear scale to the new level
Non-scaling gear effects are given an ML, and turn off when scaled below that level
Enhancements turn off if you didn't have it at the level you scale down to
Feats turn off if you didn't have it at the level you scale down to
Scaling ship buffs scale down as if you were that level
Spells and abilities scale their power and duration to your new scaled level
Spells become disabled if your scaled level isn't high enough to cast that spell level
Reaper enhancements turn off completely if below level 4. Otherwise they scale down like enhancements

The bulk of the busywork would be applying an ML to non-scaling gear effects, but that's not a dealbreaker.

The bulk of the systems work would be tracking what enhancements you took at what levels. Note that when you reset enhancements, re-taking them has to be done "in order" on live right now, and this order becomes the new value for what enhancements you took at each level. If you've ever used the Enhancements Leveling Guide in my Character Builder Lite, think of it like that.

Fred shows that "what feats you had taken at that level" information is already tracked.

LR shows that "what class levels you had at that level" information is already tracked.

The biggest discrepancy is spells, particularly classes that can switch them around at will like wizards. The simplest approach is to just apply the max spell level check. For example, a level 7 wizard gets level 4 spells (like firewall.) If you scale from cap down to level 6, you'd get all your 1st, 2nd and 3rd level spells but your level 4 and above spells wouldn't work. The end result is that you'd have more level 3 spells to choose from than an actual level 6 character, but I think this discrepancy could be chalked up to "close enough" in the interest of easier development.