View Full Version : Please Consider This For When You Release New Pack!

03-30-2018, 04:09 PM
DDO Bonus Days Bring You...

Coupon code RESLOT5 for five free legendary greensteel extractors

Reasoning: Because with no helms in the ravenloft expansion, people were crafting legendary greensteel helms. When you launch the new pack, you want people buying it to farm it and talking about it as to unintentionally promote it. Indecisiveness on the helm could result from not wanting to unequip one's legendary green steel helm, help them decide!

Buy +20 lesser heart of wood, get 2 +5 lesser hearts of wood free!

Reasoning: One of the hearts represents the druid class, the other represents the artificer class, while them being hearts of wood is representative of encouraging build experimentation.

Buy Otto's Irresistible box and get 300 free astral shards!

Reason: Encourage build experimentation and provide some funds for chest rerolls

Mysterious Remnants Collector, all rewards available!

Reason: Well, people have been asking for this for a while now and their pleas seem to have fallen on deaf ears... Also you are doing a remnant bonus lately, aren't you?

Reason why encouraging some build experimentation is good: Because prior to now, Melee artificers were very uncommon and the appeal for such was not understood. Also, you've spiced up the druid some and from the very start I've heard people complain about the druid class being a little weak and disappointing, encouraging build experimentation for this update would draw in a good level of attention to the changes you've made that could potentially fix people's disinterest in said classes.