View Full Version : Need help with a Aasimar Scourge Sorc life

03-14-2018, 12:11 AM
Ok so I'm doing going through 2 Aasimar Scourge Ranger/Fvs lives right now which work nicely together. But I have 1 more Aasimar Scourge life I need to do and also the only Heroic I don't have tippled will be 1 Sorc life. So I figured I would do that. I would love some suggestions for builds. I thought I could Lesser TR+1 the ranger away and just do a Pure Sorc life. Thats one idea. but would love some suggestions for others.

Edit : I have 3xall other Iconics and All other Heroics except the 1 sorc. and 3x all Epics. (only 3 total racial) so I can do almost anything I have gear for most builds.

03-24-2018, 08:27 AM
Hey there,

Personally I like your initial idea for a caster, although I would just go 19/1. If this is just for a past life, and locked into Aasimar Scourge iconic race, in my opinion it is better to just bite the bullet and run a sub-optimal build. It feels like a waste to use a +1 LR Heart on a PL life, unless you really want to!

Biggest reason why I'd lean towards a caster build is because I feel that if you already have prior gear and PLs it'd be so much stronger already, especially if DC specced for Reaper. CC is always welcome in Reaper groups! As for other build ideas, I'm sure there are plenty of melee options out there, with some variant of 6-8+ FTR or X PAL levels. ROG for traps and evasion always is nice for the Light armor usage as a Sorc, although harder to also account for the extra skills + INT investment. There is always an alternative Shiradi caster you could run (painful 5 heroic levels, but certainly viable from 20+, altered with ranger levels - blagh). One thought that just occurred to me is that maybe you could do some sort of AA Sorc with SRC/RGR levels (14/6?), WIS / CHA dual spec or something. Loose idea on that, just food for thought!

19/1 DC caster means -1 lvl 9 spell, but pretty much access to everything still. If you could fit it in, 1 Arti for utility (pet) and traps would speed the TR up. I could definitely imagine a CHA primary, WIS secondary spec. Then, at 28, if you have good enough WIS, Mass Frog is a great option to go with the DC casting. As weird as that sounds, an arcane caster can make full use of it as long as you know what mobs to target with low-medium spell resistance mobs; undead generally are susceptible to MF quite easily. Investment into WIS has great synergy with the Aasimar Healing Hands, so that'll help you out a bunch for self heals. Enchantment and Necromancy are not mutually exclusive, so good idea to utilize both if you can, although harder to as Sorc with lesser spell slots/feats. Anyways, hope this maybe gets you going on a more specific kind of caster you could build! I think this sounds fun!

Hopefully someone else can maybe chime in with the melee options, but I think you could definitely make a caster Sorc work under your requirements!


03-28-2018, 03:46 PM
thank you for the input. I actually went ahead and Iconic TR'ed today and used the +1 heart I had. I appreciate the insight