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03-09-2018, 01:37 PM
Overlevel Penalty

Addressing potential problems with adding characters/gear levels 31+ and other issues related to being too high. Whether optional or mandatory for the situation, characters that are a bit too high in level could have to them applied a sort of Negative Level effect. Could be applied to persons wanting to run reaper quests that are more than 6 levels lower than them, or just lower level quests in general. Could act as a sort of bridge between characters that are way too high of a level and lower characters, or various other things like getting a few XP's while farming Bloodknuckle's Loincloth.

Player: "I'm level 31 but I want to help my level 20 friend to level up."
DM: "11 levels difference? OK but I'm going to give you so many stacks of the Overlevel debuff that you can expect to be about as effective as a cool-looking dead person."


Player: "I want to be a Tiefling Pally!"
DM: "Are you OK with having one De-gen applied to you for every 7 character levels, traitor?"

Example: you're level 32 but you want to run a max-level-26 reaper Chronoscope. Your nerf-factor is 1 plus 1 for each six levels lowered rounding up, coming out to a 2 in this case. All your offenses, defenses, hp and skills etc. are divided by the nerf-factor, so basically halved. If you want to go all the way back to level 20, that's nerf-factor 3 so you're down to one third of your full power. The nerf-factor might also be used as a multiplier for some things rather than a divisor, such as Wife Aggro:

Player: "This is difficult at nerf-factor 3."
DM: "You knew the job was dangerous when you took it, Fred."
Someone's wife: "I filed for divorce last week, sign this."

Just a thought. Might be tricky to balance. Might invite a lot of whining from players who might not like becoming so much weaker. As with reaper quests though, if you can't stand the heat ...