View Full Version : Attack Cycle and Equipment Change, Loadout Gear Sets and misc.

03-09-2018, 01:36 PM
It was great to see the change about action boosts not pausing or interrupting one's attack cycle. Kudos to the devs for this and anything else that addresses any of the various clunky behaviors that can arise in the client etc.

Graceful, responsive and effective shortcut keys are awesome to have in a user interface when possible.

Persistent problem: it's really hard to change weapons or boots or anything while auto-attacking. Especially when using a ranged weapon, personally I have taken to turning my back on the enemy if I need to change weapons or use a clicky or scroll or anything because while auto-attack is happening I can hit the hotkey 6+ times and still fail at putting something else on. This type of failure can be pretty disappointing when one realizes they're still wearing haggle gear or a clicky item instead of their main stat-boosting boots or gloves that are useful for combat, etc.

(A feature that would be great an entire "loadout" for gear that one can specify, like a weapon set but for every item slot.
Maybe more than one. When one gains a level and/or decides on a new optimal configuration of some/all item slots: could set it once and have a single hotkey that equips all the important combat gear to the right slot. [excepting maybe armor, which isn't supposed to be quickly swapped-in.]

Currently have two shortcut bars dedicated to showing the main gear desired for combat, so I can just look at the right side of my screen and check whether or not those items are equipped. The visual indication that the item is equipped doesn't exactly jump out at you, though, so I still miss it occasionally if I don't take a moment to look closely.)

... As long as I'm here posting:

- the text "This item is not bankable" is often incorrect when taken literally and should perhaps be changed to something like "This item cannot be placed in this bank space."

- Secondary Shield Bashing seems to have 0 chance to occur on attacks that don't use the normal animation, such as Cleave, Lay Waste, Kensai attacks etc.. That coupled with the once-per-second limit, investing in shield bashing or shields with offensive potential can be disappointing.

- info tips from hovering over enhancement tree items often doesn't display prerequisite info etc.

- fiends lists are stored on the server but without the comments. Exporting the list to friendslist.ini can preserve the comment info, but oddly this is saved in the program folder rather than in the user folder like info from things like "/ui layout save" is.

- trying to cast Teleport while in mouselook leaves things in a state where I can't press "T" to exit mouselook and choose a destination, so I must press Esc then "T" then try to cast the spell again and then click on the destination. Using a scoll of Teleport doesn't have this problem.

- often after using a text input field such as in the AH or a collectible bag, I try moving via WASD keys, then press escape hoping to then move, then grab the mouse and click somewhere else besides the text field so that I can move. It would be nice if pressing Esc would remove focus from the text input field or close the AH/bag or something.

- bags like Huge Collectible Bag can't be expanded vertically very much

- one must navigate to the WHO tab of the social panel before the LFM tab will show much info about characters

- there aren't enough little icons for race/gender in the social panel

- Golem's Heart seems to have about a 0.02% proc rate as opposed to the 2.0% rate stated in its description. (Could be wrong but I have one and I've noticed it take effect exactly once ever. Scared the jeebies out of me, it was such a surprise.)

- store doesn't show items unavailable to the character. Seems to me that was a nice option to have, and should be the default for the sake of encouraging spending.

- store item list often doesn't scroll up/down with mouse wheel unless I click the scroll bar or something else first

- last I checked: AutoHotkey doesn't work in game anymore. Maybe there's a good reason for that like if it facilitated duping or something, but for a small minority of people it was a pretty nice option to have for some things. Not super important though.