View Full Version : Why are the Gloves of Innate Arcanum part of the Adherent of the Mists set?

03-09-2018, 10:24 AM
Is it just me, or should the Gloves of Innate Arcanum be a part of the Beacon of Magic set bonus and not the Adherent of the mists. Instead i have to squeeze the Blurfingered Gloves into the set because there are only 3 items total in the Beacon of Magic set! On the opposite end of things.... Adherent has soooo many items that could be taken from it. It just makes sense to me that the Gloves of Innate Arcanum (Magic Caster Gloves) should be within the Beacon of Magic set bonus instead of the universal Adherent set.
Also, not trying to come off harsh... just seeking clarity.:D

03-12-2018, 07:58 AM
All of the playstyle specific sets have at least 1 item that generally becomes a wasted or nearly wasted slot. Just need to evaluate whether or not that mostly useless item is worth the set bonus.

As a general rule of thumb though a majority of the end game builds and players don't bother with them as a result. Same for doubling up on sets (beacon+adherents for example) you just end up missing far too many item stats that you'd want and a ton of the set items have overlapping stats on them to begin with. The only set that's really worth getting is Silent Avenger but even then you're better off filling out your level 30 gear with 2-4 pieces of Cannith Crafted stuff and a couple pieces from Adherents.

03-12-2018, 09:00 AM
It's a good set bonus for a bard, they can benefit quite nicely from every part of it

03-12-2018, 09:30 AM
I found most of these sets worthless and only picked up a couple pieces to build around my toons existing older gear.

Its too bad the sets were not more like the Slavers setup where you could pick and choose the items and upgrade to the bonus set you want as a player instead of these static predefined restricted options.

The combinations do not net out a worthwhile benefit due to having to build in items that don't mesh well.

03-12-2018, 10:44 AM
It's a good set bonus for a bard, they can benefit quite nicely from every part of it

The only problem is if you wanted to be sonic.... there's no enhanced spell power belt for sonics.(In the Beacon set). But I guess you could also use the Silverthread belt for positive. :)