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01-23-2018, 10:42 PM
This is the current capstone:

Warmaster: You inspire martial combat above and beyond. +2 Strength and Constitution.
+25 HP.
Inspire Courage now grants an additional +1 damage.
When you Inspire Heroics, for 120 seconds the targeted ally gains +5 Music bonus to Attack, +5 Music bonus to Damage, +15 Music bonus to Physical Resistance and +15 Music bonus to resist Acid, Cold, Electric, and Fire damage.

Which is alot of text and most of it good! However few suggestions.

#1 +2 STR should be +2 CHA. Pure 20 bard likely stayed pure to cast spells with some degree of success which is CHA. Frozen fury and spinning ice work off CHA, very signature abilities of a warchanter. STR does nothing for a swashbuckler or a spell singer so no synergy there either and points are going to end up in those trees to compliment the warchanter tree.

#2 Inspire Heroics warmaster buff only lasts 3 minutes tops, even with all of the song duration enhancements. This gets tiring quick with how long the buff animation of the song is. It needs to last as long as inspire heroics or maybe become a 2 or 3 time per rest permanent on at a lower bonus. Or instant cast. Range feels dismally small as well as you need to be within a very short distance from the targeted teammate for it to work when you are done singing.

#3 Warmaster buff conflicts with warskin chant and arcane shield chant so the buff is usually -6 PRR and -6 resistances from what it should be. Not sure what to type it but it seems strange that they conflict and to make the most of your capstone you have to avoid spending points in some good group buffs.

These changes would help to have more pure warchanters running around.

01-23-2018, 11:30 PM
well... and in addition to that cosmetic change, warchanters would need around henshin-mystic level of melee power slapped into their trees to be competitive.