View Full Version : Suggestion for changes to invisibility

01-12-2018, 07:38 AM
Invisibility is bordering on useless where it was once the staple for stealth. The changes to mob aggro and TS have rendered it ineffective for ANY class to use in most quests. This has made a great many players upset, especially people who play rogues and casters who need to limit their aggro, especially if soloing.

What I suggest is this:
Get rid of the current, terrible mechanic and instead have invisibility also check against move silently and hide as well.

This will certainly be a failure for anything wearing metal armor (due to armor check max) and be a large investment of skill points for anyone who wants o utilize invisibility effectively.

I recognize that there is a certain way the dev team wants quests to be played, hence the jump cap, but the invis nerf that seems to draw MORE aggro seems punitive and extremely limiting for play-styles

Also, please have the remnants t vendor sell mass heal scrolls.