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01-11-2018, 08:15 AM
If this has been suggested before then I apologise. This forum engine is so slow I shudder whenever I have to perform a search.

So, hirelings are a bit of a mess. Far too many variants and even some duplicates at the same level just so there can be different spells etc (clerics). Then the epic range is even stranger. Most are in this format Lvl 20/<epic level> and others in a straight level format of say Lvl 26. Not much consistency.

Considering my skeletal knight can be summoned at my level it would seem logical that so too can a hireling.

So, I simply buy a cleric and it appears at my level and possibly race. It doesn't need a name .. "Cleric" would do just fine. I'm not about to take it out for dinner.

Gold class can present a list of +0, +1 or +2 level option before spawning and that level remains locked should you exit a dungeon and reuse the contract.

Right clicking on the hireling lets me select which spells/actions etc to use from a short list of possible spells/actions etc. This could be allowed in say the first minute (or two) of being summoned, and perhaps after resting. You could even make the client maintain the last set chosen as a kind of default.

Might help tidy up that awful list in the store. The Lvl 26 Fighter doesn't appear in the Epic Hirelings list nor do the Lvl 27 Cleric or Lvl 25 Favoured Soul. You only find them in the melee list and healing list. Just messy. And what's with the 'Specialist Hirelings' list ... really? It's full of rogues and bards.

So much has changed and there are no Warlock hirelings or other newer game additions. At the end of the day it's just a random character roll so please tell me how a computer cannot achieve that in real time and I'll go back to programming on an Apple ][+

I wish I could be optimistic about seeing a new breed of hireling but the Ravenflop experience has shown that the engineering skills of the backend team are fairly sub par and they have to keep chasing their own work. In fact, the game needs an entire reboot but I get the feeling risking the cash flow would spell disaster for them. They appear to have spent the last month fixing Ravenflop rather than getting on with new stuff. Big hit to the profit I bet. How about the gamers get behind the business for a change and stop demanding new content like little children wanting their Kinder surprise or have a tanty. A fresh look, new models, landscape etc .. can only generate new gamers in the long run. No one likes to drive along a pothole ridden road forever.