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12-21-2017, 07:35 AM
I'm working towards completionist and now is the time to do the artificer, rogue and ranger lives. I was thinking of doing those 3 With the Shadarkai race With a common build combining these 3. I've collected Heavy repeaters and rune arms for these iconic lives.

I was think about about something like:
1. Rogue life: 12 rogue, 6 artificer, 2 ranger (or whatever)
2. Artificer life: 12 artificer, 6 rogue, 2 ranger (or whatever)
3. Ranger life: 8 ranger, 6 artificer, 6 rogue

Then I would get the 3 SDK iconic past lives and hopefully I can reuse the gir for all these 3 lives. Getting endless fusilade on all lives seems to be good for dps.

Do you have any suggestions for builds I can use maximizing repeater dps while also working as a trapper?

12-22-2017, 12:54 PM
For your rogue life, the mechanic builds with 20 rogue are fun and powerful. I'm currently running one and am having a blast.

Here's an example:

In a prior life, I really wanted to use a rune arm but still be a mechanic rogue, which sounds similar to what you want for one of your lives. I used a mechanic 18 / artificer 2 similar to this:

It was one of the most fun builds I've played.

I'm not sure about the ranger or artificer lives you are looking at. I'm currently working through my SDK lives and am planning on just a 20 ranger and 20 artificer, which doesn't fit with your direction.

12-24-2017, 06:05 AM
First of all, mind you, I'm not a ranged specialist, but for the artificer life I don't see any build that works better than 15arti/5ogue.

1- 15th level of arti gives you Deadly Weapons' spell, which is a big bump in dps;
2- There's not really a good reason to go 6 rogue in this split, and int to dmg is easy accessible though Harpies' tree (and you'll have the enhancement points as you didn't spend anything on ranger;
3- 2 levels of ranger give you only rapid shot and a better BAB. Nothing too important as you can get rapid shot as a feat (unless you want metamagics and stuff), and better BAB is not really necessary if you build the toon around SA and deception items.
4- There's not much better than a fusilade with a repeater with the extra attack speed/doubleshot from a t5 rogue.