View Full Version : Reaper Tank???

12-15-2017, 11:09 PM
I am thinking of trying my hand at a tanky fvs/ftr build.

So far, I have gotten to lvl 18, as it stands I have been using the Silvanus pathway, and doing fairly well, but I want to go pure tank with self healing, and high reaper capability. I was running up to r8 last life on my lock, and want to be just as viable this life as a semi melee/healer/tank.

What would some suggestions be as far as a tree/ED loadout of the idea?

My final class split is going to be 12 fvs, 6 ftr, 2 sorc.

I am taking sorc for arcane strike and the toughness from EK, SD from fighter and staying in AoV for fvs.

I am assuming Unyielding for ED, consecrate and empyrean twists, maybe an electric sheathe and cocoon or healing spring?

What are you guys thoughts?

I have a +7 supreme tome on the toon in question, +3 tomes to spellcraft, heal, spot, intimidate and balalnce, +1 tome to UMD. I have access to most any named loot in the game and can craft most anything else.