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11-30-2017, 02:02 PM
First, if you haven't already, please visit the main thread (https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthread.php/491895-Ravenloft-Expansion-Preview-3) for information relevant to the entire preview.

Second: Please use this thread to list any feedback you have on the landscape or quests of Ravenloft. All quests should be accessible, however, "Oath of Vengeance" is currently unable to be completed due to a bug. No quest flagging has currently been set up so, despite this, you should be able to play and complete the rest of the content.

12-01-2017, 07:50 PM
Have done the first 4 quest. The saga lists 3 of them as being done, but does not list Fresh Baked dreams as being done. Might be bug.

12-02-2017, 12:02 PM
Have done the first 4 quest. The saga lists 3 of them as being done, but does not list Fresh Baked dreams as being done. Might be bug.

Thanks, we're looking into it.

12-04-2017, 10:45 AM
I noticed that in addition to "invitation for Dinner" also in Sunrise and Umber Temple and Cursed of Strahd raid quest there is the mechanism of the Tarokka Deck thing that I really appreciated and makes these quests interesting each time by changing the way you complete it, but unlike Invitation for Dinner, in the other quests when madam Eva predicts you the future does not tell you in the dialogue box of the quest, at what point of the dangeon or event the card matches.

By chance, is it possible that in Sunrise and Umbertemple and Cursed of Strahd the description of tarot cards is as for "invitation for dinner"? in such a way that every time a card comes out you can understand what event it corresponds to.

12-04-2017, 03:17 PM
This Ravenloft preview, I did a couple of quests I hadn't done prior...

Wilderness: I was running through the Heroic version of the Wilderness' but for some strange reason there was a Caravan and NPC offering: ML 29 Sentient Weapons.

I mentioned traps in the wilderness before being a good idea, during the last preview. This time I came across a handful of mines, which seemed much better placed than the Bear traps had been. Overall the Wilderness looked more balanced and in-tune this time around than it had prior.

https://i.imgur.com/u6DllwM.jpg A floorboard creaked. Galder had spent many hours tuning them, always a wise precaution with an ambitious assistant who walked like a cat.

Wrath of the Earth: it was Stonehenge gone mental, a hillock with a standing stone circle, it looked rather beautiful with the energy arcing between the stone pillars. The monster composition was apt and the mysterious mists were up to its usual trickery. I'd have preferred there to be a more complex method of lowering the barriers though.

I strangely got 'Orange Dungeon Alert' in the end-fight. It was a little disappointing the statue seemed more like a container, than issuing an malevolent aura. Overall it was a simple hack-and-slash quest that looked impressive artistically but plot wise not as strong.

Sealed in Amber: a nice change from hack-and-slash, though there was an awful lot of doors... And with my faulty short-term memory I ended-up repeatedly going back to a door I'd just attempted. Of course one of the passwords; was a translation of the Russian word for "Amber", which was nice.

Because there were a lot of dark areas; I'd initially walked past the ladders about thrice before I could clearly see it was a ladder. I didn't get time to find the final password and I'm not sure if "Draw Strahd's attention" was just XP only, or if you got: 100/100 something else interesting happened.

There were plenty of Secret Doors (Secret Doors, never have a Spot DC higher than [Spot DC:1] anyway). I'd have liked to have seen more Traps or physical Locks; there were gold piles and intricately designed levers.

I really enjoyed the Amber resin block, Sarcophaguses and their "Gifts", that was a nice touch, and a lot of thought went into them. :D

I did see KookieKobold hopping around in the Test Dojo a couple of times; so the music must have been playing at that time; during Dojo Musical statues. ;-)