View Full Version : Electrified Sword Of the Dark Six (Bastard Sword) (Minimum Level 29)

11-28-2017, 03:10 AM
Electrified Sword Of the Dark Six (Bastard Sword) (Minimum Level 29)

+13 Enhancement bonus
Melodic Strike: Small chance on hit to cast Otto's Sphere of Dancing
Fire In The Disco: While underneath an Otto's Sphere of Dancing, your weapon glows a fiery glow and deals an additional 10 to 60 Fire Damage
Shock VIII
Improved Lightning Storm Guard
Dazing X
Will save Damaging Effect
Red augment slot

Description: Danger, Danger.... high voltage!

I designed this sword because I imagined it could be very fun to use. The Dazing effect and the wisdom damaging effect increase the target's vulnerability to being effected by the Otto's Sphere of Dancing, and the other attributes along with the name of the weapon are based on Danger, High Voltage by The Electric Six in which is an extremely fun song to listen to in a quest. I decided it would be a bastard sword to make builds with it a little more difficult for some classes.