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11-24-2017, 11:11 AM
1) Helm Of Martial Knowledge/Wisdom/Reaction/Manipulation (Helm)

You may now use (Stat goes here) for attack and damage rolls with melee and ranged weapons (Comes in Knowledge (intelligence), wisdom (Wisdom), dexterity (Reaction), and charisma (Manipulation) variations)
Deadly XI
Accuracy 28
Seeker 17
Touch Of Immortality
Green augment slot
Blue augment slot

2) Chains Of The Artifice (Light Armor)

Greater Auto Repair
Fortification 200%
Magical Sheltering 50
Dodge +18%
DR 15/Good
Epic Nimbleness
Green Augment Slot

3) Strahd's Cunning (Ring)

Weapons with vampirism are now unhindered by a penalty in reaper mode
Physical sheltering 50
Your weapons now gain ghost touch
Blurry 25%
Intelligence +19/Strength +19/Wisdom +19/Charisma +19 (Item will have of of these stat enhancements randomly)
Green augment slot

4) Forbidden Duality (Trinket)

Negative healing amplification +75
Gift Of The Devourer (Grants you five necromancy spells via spontaneous casting and five free spell slots where said spells will go so long as item is equipped)
While equipped this trinket bestows you with Shroud Of The Lich
Boon Of Undeath
Taint Of Evil
+200 Negative spellpower
Green augment slot

5) Forsaken Son (Necklace)

Grants bastard Sword proficiency
Allows you to swashbuckle with a bastard sword (No Penalty)
Healer's Bounty
While equipped it adds Wail Of The Banshee to your spellbook via spontaneous casting and a free slot
Parrying +9
Successful Attacks deal 1d6 constitution damage on hit
Green augment slot

6) Sentient Bracers (bracers)

Feeding these bracers named items has a chance for them to randomly take on individual attributes from said named items, otherwise this item is blank, the sentient stone embedded into these bracers is slightly damaged and can not be removed. Feeding it a copy of itself will remove the last enchantment successfully gained. Five enchantments max! (Item does not accept filigrees and will not force sentient weapons to unequip). The highest level piece of gear this takes an attribute from determines the minimum level attached to it.

Green augment slot

7) Illegitimate Sun (Bastard Sword)

+13 enhancement
Constitution damage
Sovereign Paralysis
Light damage
Greater Sunburst
Epic Trap the Soul
Orange augment slot

8) Gauntlets Of Twisted Arcanum

Legendary Demonic Shield
Transmute Kinetic Energy
On being hit, chance to summon Umbral Gargoyle Devastator
Healing Amp +75
Green Augment Slot