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11-19-2017, 07:40 PM
I recently first time TR'd a cleric I have had for some time that was based on an old PnP character of mine. I was surprised to find during the character rebuild process that the Deity Feat was limited to only about six faiths - none of which fit my cleric well. Unfortunately it is a required feat to take, that can't be replaced by anything else.

So I ended up picking the most generic faith feat on the list - but am not happy that I am labled, and have to follow the feat tree, as a "Follower of XXXX".

Please kind devs, could we get a true "Generic" Faith Feat - to cover the other 1000's of faiths characters could follow? What I mean by this is simply copy each of the steps in place for other faiths but make a "Generic Faith" feat tree with completely generic powers. Such as, the preferred weapon would be the common, ubiquitous cleric mace - or in lieu of a preferred weapon at all, how about +10 spell power or +30 spell points, etc. The higher level Faith Feats would follow this 'generic' line of logic - with their abilities being generic equivalents of the already established Faiths Feats. The titles for each Feat would be generic too. Using the above example, my character would no longer be a "Follower of XXXX" but simply "Devoted Follower".

This seems like something very simple to do, that would add a huge quality of life value to the cleric line.

Frank, my faithful cleric of Joey, Greater God of Baskets, thanks you in advance (not joking) as I'm sure the clerics of the Norse, Cthulhu, Greek, Aztec, Chinese Mythos, etc. faiths do too.

11-19-2017, 08:15 PM
When domains were introduced, I assumed the feats would go away. Nope...


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