View Full Version : What I would like to see in an update of the game and what I like.

11-10-2017, 11:53 AM
I'm just having fond memories of when I used to play this game a lot for 4 years straight. I though I would put out there in the verse what I would like to see happen to entice me to come back or play a new version of DDO.

THE GRIND! This is why I left the game. It became a grind fest. I do like that it has a grind because it allows you to earn the next level or really enjoy completing the quest. It just became way to grindy for me.
Graphics. Just a bit of an improvement there. The game is pretty nice now. If we can get 2k graphics adjustment it would be fine.
Open world. Travel to the instance through an open world. Be able to build guild houses and own rooms for trophy. Be able to establish communities in the open world.
Micro purchases. I like how your micro purchases. I just wish it was a bit cheaper. In comparison, I do think that your cost of micro purchases are cheaper than some games out there right now. Would like to see things cost cents a bit more than dollar signs.
Statistics. Would like to see statistics kept on the character created to better inform if the character is viable or in what role it would be useful. example: K/D ratio, saved lives, damage given/received.

I like the mechanics of the game. some other games have this mechanic that seem to be pre-set in the things you can do. This game allows you to experiment a bit more. Would like to see that expanded.
The puzzle mechanics in this game is better than any other game I have seen.
The rogue/thief mechanic is also great. Rogues are really needed in this game because of the trap mechanic.
The group dependency on each other is also great in this game. Everyone is needed to play their part.

These are thoughts that I have from checking in from time to time. I hope to see these changes some day. Would like to hear from players that are still playing. Good day and Good quest to all!