View Full Version : How an auto leveling piece of gear would be made.......

11-06-2017, 01:14 PM
Acquire one of every possible level version of said piece of gear plus a "container" modeled after the aesthetic of said piece of gear.

Click the container after gathering or crafting and drag and drop every level version of said piece of gear the game has to offer.

Now, let's say you have every level version of the runearm Corruption Of Nature. Rather than wasting extra inventory space on storing such you can purchase a magical morphic container for them, drag and drop all of them into the slot and it will auto level with you until the further leveled versions are unavailable.

Now, further more if you are using this for cannith crafted gear, and fill all 34 possible level slots, you should be rewarded with an additional extra cannith crafting slot to place an effect such as vampirism or constitution damage into. But considering the alternate aesthetics of gear, you should be required to include a 35th slot where you'd place a cosmetic equip if an armor, helm, or weapon. If you are making a weapon and include at least one of every metal type (Adamantine, cold iron, silver, byeshk, flametouched iron, steel) in the process, your auto-leveling weapon would listed as metaline. A further reward for crafting this weapon is that if every level version you include contains an augment slot of a particular color, you will be granted an additional augment slot for the auto leveling version if you take the excessive cannith gear route. For gear made via cannith crafting combined into an auto-leveling form, players will be allowed to name their piece of gear.... however if they share their gear with someone via chat it can be reported if there is an inappropriate name.