View Full Version : Alpha Gear (Player designed named equipment crafting idea)

11-05-2017, 11:07 PM
Scrap named gear at an Artificer's workstation (New workstation)

Get one random shard representing a random attribute of the scrapped item, shard will have a point score.

Keep scrapping gear until you have all the unique shards you'd desire to imbue a piece of gear with.

The combined point score of the shards determine the minimum level of the gear created.

Alpha gear is metaline if a weapon, and adamantine/crystallized adamantine/mithril/crystallized mithril if anything else and has two augment slots and space for up to six attributes.

To craft Alpha gear, you have to combine all of the shards and the alpha gear piece in a Metaline Symbiont Egg, this egg will only hatch into an equippable piece of gear when a Dev approves its creation after you buy a ticket from the DDO store, the turbine points spent on this gear piece count as a bonus to the Dev's paycheck who decides what level and strength your weapon would be set at (The Dev's Job is to nerf to gear enough to not be too great of a power creep). The First time you try to equip the gear, you are instead prompted to name it.

And there you go, a great excuse to grind for gear, a way for DDO content creators to make money, and a way to circumvent people's need for truly new gear.

Let's say we use this method to make a crystallized adamantine Trinket

Could potentially end up with these stats

*Vampirism Weapon Imbue (Does not stack with vampirism already on weapons but stacks with every other form of Vampirism and if duel wielding, imbues both weapons)
*Greater Regeneration
*Healer's Bounty
*Transform Kinetic Energy
*Healing Amplification
*Insightful Healing Amplification
*Blue Augment Slot
*Green Augment Slot

I try to equip it after it gets approved... and I choose to name it Ratatoskr's Vitality and then it prompts me to write the item description (Flavor text) and so I type whatever I choose but am limited by 150 characters max.

I could then create a weapon with the following

*Improved Paralysis
*Constitution Damage
*Trap The Soul (The devs could decide that monsters at higher levels turn into collectables instead of soul gems)
*Wisdom Damage
*Red Augment Slot
*Purple or Orange Augment Slot

From there I'd truly be able to build my characters in ways I've always dream of.... assuming a dev approves it.