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10-30-2017, 10:18 PM

Patrick & Evilbeeker take a look at quests for leveling from 13-15 this week as well as Update 36 patch 4 and more!

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Leveling 13-15 - 2:43
Game News - 47:38
Community News - 1:04:34
Lightning Post - 1:08:50
Closing - 1:18:55

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10-31-2017, 07:43 AM
Assorted meandering thoughts for today :)

I find this is the place where the difference between older & newer content starts becoming very, very apparent - with newer gear & abilities etc, Gianthold elite is noticeably easier than the Shavarath archon's series on hard & for someone who is less experienced or coming back after time away, that spike can be a nasty shock.

Crucible is one I pretty much always skip, removing it from the requirement for flagging was a great decision.

In Siegebreaker I challenge you to play it and not get the theme song stuck in your head when those 2 named enemies appear after the kaboom barrels - also, still wish i could get that frying pan as a weapon or at least a cosmetic skin too, ideally with humerous "bong!" on a vorpal :) The puzzle in the finale is relatively simple, just run in a circle, but the traps are the real problem as they can be brutal.

Tower of frost I really enjoy for it's PnP feel & it's also now the 1st time you'll encounter living spells - seriously nasty if unprepared, especially if they're champions.

Disciples of Shar series I like overall for the story & setting, but they suffered from being kinda lazy in difficulty IMO, relying on overwhelming numbers of mobs rather than any particularly interesting enemies, puzzles or mechanics.

Missing chain is great, there's a fun & interesting story & some good mechanics for difficulty, a nice classic D&D shout-out & a few good pieces of gear - the quiver that generates special arrows is pretty interesting, the dwarf axe has that greater restoration on vorpal plus a nice skin for cosmetics & the insanity greatsword is another great cosmetic if you're an anime fan as well as having some good damage & the confusion-type effect.

I really need to get a sigil together on a couple of characters to run Litany - not only is it a good quest in it's own right with great XP, there's a truly awesome piece of kit in there, Shining Devastation, an adamantine everbright greatclub with a phenomenal 1.5[1d16] +5 18-20/x3 damage profile, red augment slot & a bit of force damage too.

Also from necro4, there's the named items from tome of legend & shield of legend (pieces now in the orchard as well as from quests & the raid!) which are still very, very nice - Coronation & Phosphor are particularly notable for the shiny new Scourge Asimaar, a morningstar & a heavy mace with boosted damage & crit profiles, also razorend with it's 10% tendon slice is a great off-hand weapon for shuriken or Vistani knife slingers for some no-save crowd control. Shields-wise, they've pretty much all got unique skins for cosmetic purposes & if you're running a vanguard, Talon in particular is a beast for damage-dealing.

It's a shame about part of the Ravenloft pack essentially being wasted for parts of it being included for VIPs regardless, but I'm a sucker for cool cosmetics & early access to certain features so consider it worth it for me. Have been enjoying Vistani a lot so far on a rogue/fighter build & looking forward to trying out the scourge asimaar, it's about time blunt weapons got some more love.