View Full Version : State of the Paladin

10-22-2017, 12:17 AM
I find that the paladin class is being rendered obsolete by several of the recent changes to clerics and favored souls. The only thing really still paladinesque in my opinion is divine grace which can be splashed. Please add some or all of the following changes to the game so paladins don't get left behind as I really enjoy the class but I get a lot of negative comments about how I should be playing a cleric or favored soul which is mostly due to the gross disadvantage paladins have been put into.

Serenity feat which makes wisdom count as charisma for divine grace smite and lay on hands.
Makes healing hands key of the higher of wisdom or charisma.
Add divine shield feat which adds charisma bonus to a.c..
Add rhino rush spell which is a level 1 paladin spell which performs a charge attack.
Add strategic combat spell which grants mobility.
Add strength of stone spell which grants 8 strength.
Add righteous fury spell which grants 8 strength.
Add righteous aura spell which grants 4 charisma.
Add silverbeard spell which grants natural armor bonus.
Add knights move spell which teleport paladin to the closest enemy or the targeted enemy.
Add battle blessing feat which makes all paladin spells cast as if quickened.
Add resurgence and mass resurgence spell which allows a second saving throw after a failure.
Add flame of faith spell which grants flaming bust to a weapon.
Add diamondsteel spell which grants half of an armorss total bonus to a.c. as damage reduction against all physical attacks.
Add undead bane weapon spell which grants undead bane to a weapon.
Add holy storm spell which causes 2d6 holy damage around the paladin.
Add energized shield spell which grants 10 resist and 2d6 shield bashing damage.
Add defeaning clang which adds sonic damage to melee and sonic guard.
Add vision of glory which adds paladin charisma bonus to one save of another target.
Add shield of warding which adds extra a.c. to shield.
Add Shield Other spell which allows the paladin transfer 50% of the damage done to a party member to themselves PPR and MMR should apply depending on the source of the damage.
Add Glory of the Martyer which is a mass version of Shield Other.
Add Silvered Weapon spell which makes a weapon count as silver.
Add Luminous Armor and Greater Luminous spells which grant armor bonuses and provide -4 penalties to hit for enemies.
Add Hammer of Righteousness spell which deals 1d6 holy damage per caster level or 1d8 to evil targets.
Add Turn Anathema spell which allows the caster to turn creatures with an opposing alignment.
Add Divine Presence spell which adds a +5/+10/+15 sacred bonus to intimidate checks depending on opposing alignment to caster.
Add Sacred Item spell which makes a weapon deal 1d4 extra holy damage per caster level to evil targets.
Add Initiate of Milil feat which allows a paladin to use bardic music this could be offered as Milil being a selectable deity instead and filling Deity feats.
Add way to gain extra spell slots for epic paladin.
Allow paladin to to cast spells and gain mana with the higher of wisdom and charisma.
Allow any race to choose their deity.