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10-13-2017, 08:24 AM
I thought I would share some experiences from some recent runs I did while getting 100 favor in the servers I have never played on.
One of the reasons I did this was a I got a little bored trying to level my gnome illusionist (deep gnome), could be something about starting at level 15 and getting going, and well the lack of groups to run with. I found soloing on this build a little difficult to be honest.

Still I decided to use my time some what productively as I have run very low on points and did not feel like opening my wallet right now (raven loft may change that). So I though why no do those 100 favor point runs.

First up I thought Warlock with iconic? So logged in I think in this order (Already on G-land and started on Sarlona)

Thelanis - I had an assassin here Shader Kai, that I rolled a while back and never played. So though start here. I took him into play and joined a group doing some lvl 13 stuff. I was actually really happy to play assassin again. I love the syle of play even with the basic starter gear (lvl 15) he did pretty well, did they change the double assassinate thing to make that easier? Seemed to happen with greater ease that I remember it. Still struggled with no healing, but was lucky and had non reaper groups to join here. Took maybe a couple of hours to get my 100 I ran a couple of lvl 1-2 quests to get started. Had to run N,H,E as I am no VIP.

Argonnessen - cleric 1, warlock, sun elf - goo lock variation, I was not so happy with the way this went. I guess straight off the boat, I did not have the right gear, no money of course, but I managed. Joined some groups and got dragged through with some minor face palm moments. did not take more than a couple of hours I guess, but got lucky with groups.

Cannith - Sun elf again, but after on Arg being refused for a group as I was not a healer I decided to try Sun elf Cleric Fvs. Well started ok until I realized that of course not being vip, I don't have FVS as that was earned thru favor on previous servers. So rolled up a straight cleric. I was expecting some good light spell power, but found that I burned spells points so fast I was useless after 5 mins into creeping death (r3) with one group. It was exciting in a way playing without the gear and managing, but made me feel really sorry for any new player trying to do reaper at all.

Khyber - Here I decided to try Shader Kai again but try to do ranged. I know they don't start with the gear but I knew in Korthos your can get that great crossbow pretty easily. So rolled up a rogue mechanic (forgot to put extra points in dex for improved Precise shot) so missed that feat. But I was surprised how effective this was with even a level one crossbow. (I had to run the quests in Korthos to get xbow from collaborator quest). Used tactical feats more than my daggers for this. Then with the Gxbox even with normal bolt the build worked well. I ran a few GH quests here with a group and found I could handle most traps fairly well on elite (only blew up a couple of traps). Prob got the favor here in pretty fast, helped having a friendly group with mixed experience levels. Actually led the kills count a couple of times!

Orien - Since the bow thing worked so well decided that was a better template - rolled Shader kai again, got the stats better this time
think it was str 10, Dex 18, Int 17, con 16 rest at min. put in 1 Dex point during level up after 2 Int (put in Int ones earlier to increase skill points. Pleantly of skills points, but put points into haggle as gold is actually an issue (I you die and need to repair kit).

I have just done the Korthos quests (collaborator to elite), and ran to harbor to do a some quests as no joinable groups. I will go back and see if I can find some groups.

Still to do Wayfinder ... no expecting too many group but at least it has a bunch of players from my time zone!

10-13-2017, 12:04 PM
... Took maybe a couple of hours to get my 100 I ran a couple of lvl 1-2 quests to get started. Had to run N,H,E as I am no VIP...
When I did my runs, I put up an LFM that said (more or less) "Need Elite Opener for 100 Favor Run pls, can solo quests".

Usually got some helpful soul who didn't mind being "in a party" while they were crafting or futzing with their inventory or working the AH or whatever, and I was good to go. (And once that alt made 100, they acted as an opener for my dual-box account.)

Without that, it would have been a grind indeed!