View Full Version : U36 Patch 3 Preview Request

10-12-2017, 02:05 PM
Hey, all! For those of you on Lamannia, I have a request that would help us out immensely!

We have three coupon codes which correspond to different Expansion bundles. It would be very helpful if people on Lamannia could choose one (or multiple) of these codes and redeem them in the Lamannia DDO store. After you have done so, if you could PM me and provide me with the following information:

Account Name
Character Name
Coupon Code Redeemed
Time Redeemed
Account Status (FTP, Premium, or VIP)
Which of the following three things you had already purchased on Lamannia (Aasimar, Vistani, Iconic Aasimar)
What happened after you redeemed the code? Did you gain access to any of Aasimar, Vistani, or Iconic Aasimar if you didn't have it already?

(Sadly, none of the actual items that go into your inventory have been attached to these codes yet but I'd still very much like to get a large public test in of whether they are applying the correct things to peoples accounts and characters when they redeem them)

The three coupon codes are:


If you have the time, thank you very much!