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10-03-2017, 01:15 PM
My suggestion is to add a short time boost to the damage mitigation from physical resistance rating, this boost gives an everyone very high damage reduction for the first seconds when he blocks an attack.
I used this formula:
y=100-100 ((100)/(100+b))+ (100 ((100)/(100+b)))/(x+1)


The formula and the graphic are only an example, you can see that you get the first blocking second 18%-58% but after 10 seconds it is only less than 6%.
The boost is higher if you have less PRR and lower if you got more. You could say in the first second the player skill decides and thereafter the strength of your character.
The idea is that you get rewarded for using the block at the right moment with very high damage reduction, this way it is an option to not run away and stand still and block the attack.
If you go permanently into the block you get almost no bonus from this boost after like 30 seconds.

As I said this is only an example, theoretically you can change the formula in that way, that you don't need any flat damage reduction for blocking, as we have it now.
But both systems are not in contradiction. It can be just an addition to the blocking DR we have now.

After you stop blocking the block boost regenerates, how fast is a question that is basically easy to answer but not that easy to put into a formula (for me :o). At the end, you must have the same or less benefit from blocking if you block and stop blocking to regain the boost.
The next question is if different items in your off-hand give you different block boosts. For example, you could decide the boost with a tower shield vain at a slower rate.

10-04-2017, 08:59 AM
I would like to add in this matter, that block should be more used in general.
The idea of a block is great in my opinion. Some Monsters and bosses have certain abilities you can counter with a block at the right moment. This is an idea I really like in DDO, you not a spectator, you have to do the right moves to have a better result.
That's an additional reason why I make this suggestion, this way you have always the option to block attacks with noticeable results while a permanent block gives not big advantages.
A technical issue I have:
What I don't like is if you attack and start a block with a shield in your off hand, your block is delayed because you do a shield bash before you actually go into the full block mode.
For me, this feels odd and I think it is often not possible to use block fast enough because of this strange acting of your character. I want to attack with my main hand, and if I want to block I hit the block key and then my character should instantly block. Why does he do a bash instead and I can not prevent it besides I stop attacking before blocking for a certain time?
I think this should be changed too.