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09-21-2017, 11:24 AM
Now that (I'm sure) the devs have finalized what they want in the cleric domains and proposed upgrades for the favored souls; I find that the suggestions I made for warpriest a while back still hold up pretty well; however I would like to go back and iron out a few things; some things I don't think I buffed enough; some things that have changed since then and some things which help upgrade the synergy with the new domains. Feel free to discuss!

Forwards: While I came up with these ideas, I kept in mind that: Warpriests should have lower damage then paladins/fighters/barbarians, since those classes are more focused on melee prowess, while warpriest is more of a melee/spell-casting/tank/support hybrid tree. But with the ability to do many things well, it shouldn't outshine classes that do only 1 thing (like barbarian) in that 1 thing that it does. One issue with being good at many things, is that it's rather hard to gear for being good at many things, so I embedded a couple gear-replacements in the enhancement tree.

Core Enhancements:

Core 1 (level 1): Smite Foe
Passive: +2 AC, +5 Light Spellpower, +5 Fire spellpower
Active: Smite Foe: (15 second cooldown) Melee attack which deals an additional 1d4 light damage (scaling with 100% light spellpower) and 1d4 fire damage (scaling with 100% fire spell power). This bonus damage can doublestrike; applies to all offhand attacks and shield bashes; and counts as a weapon effect for glancing blows.

Core 2 (level 3): Resilience of Battle
Passive: +2 AC, +5 PRR, +5 Light Spellpower, +5 Fire Spellpower, Smite Foe's damage is increased to 1d6 fire damage and 1d6 light damage.

Core 3 (level 6): Sanctuary
Passive: +2 AC, +5 Light Spellpower, +5 Fire Spellpower, Smite Foe's damage is increased to 1d10 fire damage and 1d10 light damage.
Passive: When actively blocking; gain 20 PRR. If an orb or a shield is equipped in the offhand, increase this bonus to 30 PRR and 30 MRR.

Core 4 (level 12): Blur
Passive: +3 AC, +5 Light Spellpower, +5 Fire Spellpower, Permanent blur, Smite Foe's damage is increased to 2d6 fire damage and 2d6 light damage.
Bonus: Add blurr to your spellbook as a level 2 spell.

Core 5 (level 18): Haste
Passive: +3 AC, +5 Light Spellpower, +5 Fire Spellpower, Permanent haste, Smite Foe's damage is increased to 3d6 fire damage and 3d6 light damage.
Bonus: Add haste to your spellbook as a level 3 spell.

Core 6 (level 20): Implacable Foe
Passive: +2 all stats, +3 AC, +5 light spellpower, +5 fire spellpower, Smite Foe's damage is increased to 4d6 fire damage and 4d6 light damage. Charge Divine Vessel every 20 seconds instead of every 25 seconds.
Bonus: Add displacement to your spellbook as a level 3 spell.
Active: (Cooldown 5 minutes) You and nearby allies gain (character level x 5) temporary hitpoints and deal 10% additional damage. For the next 30 seconds these bonuses refresh every 5 seconds. The effects expire 8 seconds after they are no longer refreshed.

Tier 1: (Level 1 cleric/fvs required, 1 AP spent in tree)

Divine Might: No change

Toughness: No change

Righteous Weapons: When wielding your deity's favored weapon in your main hand; increase the enhancement bonus of all weapons, orbs and shields you are wielding by +1. Additionally gain +3 universal spellpower

Sacred Touch: When you heal allies with positive energy spells, negative energy spells or ameliorating strike; they gain +1/+2/+3 AC and +1/+2/+3 PRR for 20 seconds. Healing them again refreshes the duration. Favored soul only: At character level 20, this bonus is doubled

Awareness: No change

Tier 2: (Level 2 cleric/fvs required, 5 AP spent in tree)

Smite Weakness: When you strike an enemy with smite foe; they gain 7 stacks of vulnerability.

Wall of Steel: No change

Rightous Weapons: When wielding your deity's favored weapon in your main hand; increase the enhancement bonus of all weapons, orbs and shields you are wielding by +1. Additionally gain +4 universal spellpower

Inflame: (Action boost, 1 minute cooldown, lasts 30 seconds) You and nearby allies get +1/+3/+5 bonus to AC, to hit, damage and saving throws.

(new ability 1 AP) (Cleric only) Bane of Undeath: (Coodown 6 seconds) Spend a use of Turn undead and unleash a pulse of radiant energy which deals 1d8+Charisma modifier damage to undead (scaling with 200% light spellpower), and apply 20 stacks of destruction to undead within range (-20 AC, -20% fortification), no save. This ability triggers cleric domains turn undead bonuses, and if a domain allows turn undead to effect other creatures; this effect also effects those creatures.

Tier 3: (Level 3 cleric/fvs required, 10 AP spent in tree)

Burden of Sin: On being hit: Enemy that struck you deals 5%/10%/15% reduced damage for 10 seconds. (3%/6%/9% reduced if they're a red named or a boss). No save. Being hit again refreshes the duration.

Righteous Weapons: When wielding your deity's favored weapon in your main hand; increase the enhancement bonus of all weapons, orbs and shields you are wielding by +2. Additionally gain +5 universal spellpower (when a favored weapon is in your main hand).

Inflame Energy Mastery: Your inflame also grants +5/10/15% action boost to acid, cold, electric, fire and sonic absorption. Additionally it grants +5/10/15 action boost to acid/cold/electic/fire/sonic and light spellpowers.

Wisdom, Strength or Charisman: No change

Tier 4: (Level 4 cleric/fvs required, 20 AP spent in tree)

Ameliorating Strike: no change to favored soul. Cleric only: At level 20; Grant allies healed the benifits from your domain's turn undead bonus for 20 seconds.

Fire Guard (replaces light guard): Enemies that attack you are dealt 1 fire damage per character level, scaling with fire spell power. While actively blocking with an orb or shield, this is increased to 2 fire damage per character level.

Righteous Weapons: When wielding your deity's favored weapon in your main hand; increase the enhancement bonus of all weapons, orbs and shields you are wielding by +2. Additionally gain +6 universal spellpower (when a favored weapon is in your main hand).

(new ability 1 AP) Divine Flame: (toggle) Your fire damage never heals enemies.

Wisdom, Strength or Charisman: No change

Tier 5: (level 12 character, level 5 cleric/fvs, 30 AP spent in tree)

Divine Power: Permanently gain enhancement bonus to strength equal to half your character level, and a base attack bonus equal to your character level.

Divine Vessel: Your attacks generate a stack of Divine Conduit, maximum one stack per second. When divine conduit reaches 25 (or 20 with Implacable Foe), Divine Vessel becomes charged and can be activated. Stacks of divine conduit are lost 1 at a time every 3 seconds not in combat. Divine Vessel loses charge when using a rest shrine.
Active (when charged, instant cast): Make a melee attack that deals an additional 1d2/1d3/1d4 fire damage per character level and 1d2/1d3/1d4 light damage per character level to all nearby enemies. (Damage scales with 150% fire and 150% light spell powers).

Wrathful Weapons: When wielding your deity's favored weapon in your main hand; increase the enhancement bonus of all weapons, orbs and shields you are wielding by +1. Additionally gain +3 universal spellpower (when a favored weapon is in your main hand). When you score a vorpal hit with your deity's favored weapon; you gain 3d6 light damage on hit for the next 8 seconds. This light damage scales with 100% light spellpower. (Additional vorpal hits refreshes the duration).

Magic Backlash: No change

Divine Intervention: Ward your target against fatal damage. Hit point damage cannot lower a warded ally’s hit point total below 1 HP. When an ally would have taken damage that lowers their HP below 1, they become invulnerable for 2 seconds, then are healed for 10 to 39 hit points and the spell fades. (Activation cost: 30 spell points, cooldown 2 minutes)

09-21-2017, 11:24 AM
Why did I pick those changes? Comments below.

Core abilities:
So the main change here is smite foe; which I changed from dealing [2]w damage to dealing bonus damage that scales with spellpower. This I think is more thematic for a hybrid physical/magic warrior that a warpriest is supposed to be; and I expect the 8d6 damage scaling with spellpower will be a little more damage than the 2[w] was previously, giving warpriests a little needed buff.

Other stuff I changed to even out their power curve a little (like prr instead of dr) as quality of life improvements (permanent haste) or to provide alternatives for abilities that I don’t think are really used (sanctuary).

I wanted to add power to the level 18 core and the capstone; since warpriests gain so much from multiclassing; I wanted to give them a viable alternative that gave power without multiclassing. Most notably this manifests in my extending the duration of the capstone active ability; which I think should be iconic of a pure warpriest in battle. Something sort of similar to “Turn the Tide”; but possibly a little less potent.

Tier 1:
Righteous weapons I wanted to expand to include orbs and shields to better synergise with being a “tanky support” type enhancement tree. Furthermore; in the loot pass enhancements which increased the enhancement bonus to a weapon lost their unique bonus of also adding to spellpower for spellcasting implements. So I added that back.

Sacred touch I wanted to synergise with Ameliorating strikes; so that it can be an AoE buff that the warpriest could keep up constantly if they worked at it. I also added negative energy spells in there to help our undead friends. (robots can still benefit from the positive version). The favored-soul only bonus is to somewhat even out the cleric-only bonus to Ameliorating strikes.

Tier 2:
I wanted smite weakness to be something that didn’t rely on rng to be able to stack up on a boss (if it takes that long to kill). This should make this enhancement a much more reliable source of vulnerability, without being a huge power increase.

Inflame I view as a great action boost; but having to take 3 abilities to buff it up seems like a lot of investment into one ability which has a short duration; limited charges; and probably isn’t as good as haste boost when all things are considered. So I condensed the 2 inflame abilities at this tier into one; which gave me room in the tier for a new ability! (also I decreased the power of the first tier and increased the power of the last tier.)
Bane of Undeath: I wanted to give cleric warpriests a use for turn undead that made them good at destroying undead with little investment; but still wasn’t as good as a turn-based-cleric at destroying undead in general. This ability will likely do rather low damage (~2-300 end game); but the automatic 20% fortification shred should make it worth using against those big-HP skeletons endgame. And it’s a teambuff to damage. Score!

Tier 3:
Burden of sin was a terrible ability. It was a stat-damage ability; which is less useful in epics; and it wasn’t even useful in heroics to start with. This change to it should make it a useful ability; and provide synergy with the tankyness of the tree.

Righteous weapons I wanted to increase to +2 at this tier. While I don’t think warpriests should have top-tier damage, I do think that the tradeoff of wielding a favored weapon means you might have a worse critical profile, lower base damage die or other penalties; so throwing in a better +damage into the tree isn’t unfounded. Also; the lack of melee power in the tree will ensure it stays well behind fighters/monks/barbarians/rangers in terms of damage.

My change to inflame I feel like makes the action boost a little more attractive to take; as it gives a bit of an extra party buff with good synergy for warpriests; sorcerers; arcane archers and to a lesser extent warlocks.

Tier 4:
Ameliorating strike is a great enhancement and I don’t think it needs to be changed; but I feel that adding the turn undead bonuses to it creates a cool ability that makes warpriests a bit of a better party buffer. None of the turn undead bonuses seem to be so OP that getting infinite uses of it would break anything. (Permanent +10 con as long as you’re hitting stuff? THP shield? Bonus to saving throws? Some nice stuff but to get it your cleric needs to be in melee range and your benefiters have to be nearby them… And a lot of those benefits don’t come with a domain fit for melee combat. The melee domains are mostly +10 melee/ranged power at maximum boosts, which is a fair bit weaker than some other classes get at T4 (looking at you fighter)).

Light guard had a lot of problems. To fix the low damage, I made this scale with level. To add synergy with the inherent AC/blurr in the tree, I made it activate even if the enemy misses you. To add synergy with shields/tankyness I added the bonus damage while actively blocking. Then, I switched it to fire damage to balance out the number of light-damage only abilities the warpriest has.

Divine flame I added since warpriest has a lot of ways to inadvertedly toss around fire damage; and there’s a good subset of enemies which are healed by such damage. Adding this will make it a little easier for warpriests to not accidentally make things harder for themselves and their allies.

Tier 5:
So.. this is where I give warpriests that +1 critical range/multiplier that they need to compete with all the other boring classes that are the same and have it right? No. As I said, warpriests should have slightly lower damage then the other classes, but they do need some QoL improvements and buffs here and there to make up for it.

Divine power: The strength doesn’t stack with gear; but it ends up at +15 at level 30; which only puts it a small amount behind top-of-the line gear (which might get +18?). This makes it a good gear-replacement ability without making strength the must have stat for warpriests (if you want to do a dex/int/wis/cha warpriest; go ahead!).

Divine Vessel: My main problem with this was that after the 20/25 seconds of beeting down enemies to stack it; all the enemies were already dead; so you’d get this huge AoE blast of decent damage hitting the 1 enemy you happened to still be fighting at the time. By switching this to a charge-based attack; it should allow you to AoE mobs when you want to AoE mobs and not just when it happens to go off. Also; I felt like 75 seconds was a long time to wait for a tier-5 skill to charge up; so I switched the scaling with AP to be in terms of damage, not chargeup time. Also; increased the spellpower scaling so that it scales into endgame a little better.
Wrathful weapons: Mostly the same changes as what I was doing for righous weapons; but I also buffed up the light damage on hit so that it was a little more reliable, and scales better; further increasing the hybrid nature of the tree.

Divine Intervention: While using this my main problem was that you'd be invulnerable for a couple seconds, then you'd heal a small amount and start standing back up... while that group of enemies that got you down to 0 health is still attacking you. More then half the time you'd be dead before you had a chance to run/heal yourself after it activates. By making it drop you to 1 instead of -9, you shouldn't fall down, so you'll have a chance to heal yourself and save yourself from certain death.