View Full Version : bigger character bank, remove the reincarnation cache and maybe only an account bank

09-13-2017, 11:37 AM
I know you were going to change the character bank and it was already on Lamannia and it was canceled because players did not like it. But I suppose you still on it.
First of all, I really need more space and I am willing to pay for it!
Even if you would just make the character bank like the shared bank, like you were going to on Lamannia it would be ok for me because most important for me are more space, no matter how functional the user interface for handling the additional space is.
And I suppose that a lot of players just disliked the change because they are not used to the new system.
Therefore I would suggest making the new character bank user interface just working like the inventory (there two user interfaces for the character inventory and I mean the second tabulator).
This way no one needs to learn a new system and this user interface is quite solid and I use it already often.

But there is more I would like. If you have the possibility for much more character bank space, it should be possible to finally get rid of this very annoying reincarnation cache!
You could just put everything in the character bank, and if the player did not buy enough character bank space he can only pull items out of the character bank until he uses less character bank space as he bought (until this point the normal bank works like the current reincarnation cache).
To empty the reincarnation cache and pull out the needed items without a search function needs me over all several hours each life with no fun at all! So please free me from this system.

But I am going even further, why is there a need to divide character and account bank space at all?
I can understand if not every item in the game is freely trad-able, even if I wish it would be possible.
But I personally I see no reason for the existence of bound to character items. If an item is not freely trad-able, it should be freely use-able on your account.
And if we have only trad-able and bound to account items, we could have one big account bank for all characters on one account.
I know this might sound problematic because every character got a character bank and might have bought already additional character bank space.
But there is a simple solution for it... if you buy an additional character slot 30 additional account bank slots are included like it works already, and you can buy additional bank space for each character slot. Exactly like we have it already.
And you have the option to buy Furthermore bank slots without buying an additional character slot, also like we have it already.
So basically the only change is, you have access to all banked items from every character you logged in, much like the crafting storage.