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09-03-2017, 03:47 PM

We are joined by Voodu, Propane & Asheras this week to debate Sentient Weapons, Vistani Knife Fighter, Cleric Domains & more!

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DDO Debates - 3:14
-Which cleric domain are we most excited to play? - 4:16
-What do we most want to see out of vistani knife fighter? - 16:54
-What do we most want to see from sentient weapons? - 26:23
-Is the power creep becoming too much? - 50:27
-What one crating system should you invest in? - 1:01:55
Game News - 1:09:52
Community News - 1:22:19
Lightning Post - 1:27:07
Closing - 1:35:54

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09-04-2017, 04:30 AM
Ok, my rambling thoughts ended up being longer than I expected today...

Primarily looking forward to sun domain for my established cleric, to have maximum lazor assault SLA power, but for new TRs into cleric I'm going to wait for finalised information including any potential changes to enhancements - luck domain looks really nice though for displacement SLA, saves, DCs, basically a little of everything useful. I can see domains also being used to add extra capabilities rather than to boost specialisation - eg. someone who acts mainly as a healer could pass up healing domain, since they're already great at that, and take something else to get some nice damage-dealing SLAs instead.

Vishanti knife fighter.. hey, don't Vol worshippers get daggers as their holy weapon? Some interesting potential for a melee cleric/favoured soul, maybe integrating with swashbuckler or rogue - could make for a different paladin approach too, though their enhancements are already pretty sweet as-is.

For knife fighter abilities I'm speculating there will be something to help bypass defences, bonus points if "the slow blade penetrates the shield" makes it's way into flavour text for it :)

Sentient weapon predictions:
-Any base type
-Personality they've already said will be purely cosmetic, though doesn't preclude various levels of availability, eg. chests, chain/raid end lists etc.
-Item properties scale with your character level similar to cannith crafting, so you can retain the weapon through a TR and the effects will start low then grow again gradually as you re-level.
-Weapon growth is handled in 2 parts. More effects on weapon unlocked via number of enemies killed, but what effects can be applied to weapon are unlocked via number of different enemies killed. Think the slayer MM deed vs. the hunter MM deeds, so it'll reward playing variety of content instead of purely grinding the same thing over & over.
-Base weapon, 2 slots for effects, similar to CC prefix & suffix, making it a solid weapon with a personality, fun & effective for those who only have/want minimal investment
-3nd effect is easy to unlock, essentially CC additional effects
-4th effect takes longer, rare effect
-5th effect longer still, rarer effects available
-6th effect much longer, near-unique effects available

Existing personality - I'd like Arboth, the crazy kobold from Ataraxia's Haven who thinks he's a dragon - and I'm still holding out for him reappearing later as a dragon saying "I told you so!" :) Also could see the Black Abbot being a potential personality since shoving the remnants of his phylactery into a sentient weapon seems perfectly reasonable.

Good point about really good gear vs. the best - yes, it's nice to have the very best gear, but there's still plenty of stuff that ranks anywhere from "really good" to "meh, good enough to get by" and the quests those come from are still run pretty regularly for XP so you can often just pug and ask politely if they don't want it. Basically, don't just overlook something because it's not The New Shiny Thing(TM) - for example, there's a reason orchard tome pages & shield pieces are still expensive years after the content came out & despite the way they've become relatively easier to get.

09-04-2017, 12:42 PM
Personality - Deekin

'nuff said!