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08-27-2017, 10:51 AM

We kick off our series on Leveling by looking at the quests at levels 1-3 with Cordovan & Evilbeeker! We give our thoughts on quests we like and quests to avoid to optimize your leveling experience!

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Leveling 1-3 - 6:20
Game & Community News - 57:40
Lightning Post & Closing - 1:07:52

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08-28-2017, 06:58 AM
For level 1, assuming you can get through the locked door to get the chest, Necromancer's Doom on Korthos is a good one for the protective gloves which have a shield clicky - potentially handy all the way to cap on non-casters without UMD.

I highly recommend running the captives out in cerulean hills - you can get a great bit of older low level gear from there, the tattered gloves - they grant a handful of spellpoints & 12% fire lore, which with the new loot & cannith crafting scaling you'd get at about level 11 or so iirc, so it's great for many casters.

Real trick for making the super low levels easier - consumables! Particularly festivult cakes and the summon monster trinket you can get for medium eberron dragonshard turn-ins, then at level 3 you can get the lowest level petrifying runestones, they can and will be massive lifesavers.

Other gear-wise, while I agree most of it isn't too much hassle, my TRs usually have the phiarlan mirror cloak as it has 17 spell resistance which will be pretty effective at blocking a number of annoying spells & is particularly good for monks since ray of enfeeblement will often end up leaving them overburdened & uncentred - with the recent changes, the only way to get higher on an item in low levels is the infested armour from chronoscope, ml4 heavy plate which precludes a lot of character types from using it.