View Full Version : Controller Keymapping by default, please.

08-16-2017, 02:05 AM
A copule of years ago i played DDO with a controller and i enjoyed it a lot despite i spent a lot of time mapping every button and joystics. Then i stopped playing for my job reasons. Then i played another modern games i didn't feel the same as with DDO it is just such an amazing MMORPG. I want to ask you to please consider adding a keymaping by default, at least for XBOX controllers which are becoming the standard Windows controller for PC games.

I know this game was designed to be played with keybord and mouse, but that doesn't mean it cannot have full controller support and a preconfigurated keymapping by default. Just to give a copule of examples, games like Dragon Nest, Tree Of Savior and Marvel Heroes began without controller support and now they offer full controller support and a pre-configurated keymapping (at least for XBOX controllers) and they did such an amazing job with mapping. You can battle, interact with NPC's open menu windows, open maps, all of this without using keyborad or mouse, you can do everything just using the controller (with the exception of the chat window of course, for that the keyboard is still required). On those games it is so comfortable to just plug-in the controller and you are ready to play right away.

I just downloaded DDO again and just on thinking i have to map everything again on the controller bugs me, it is hard and tedious for players to configure it and make it work on battle, interactables and menus. Please forgive me for being to lazy to do it by myself but i am pretty sure developers can figure out the best way to map the controller and add adjustments so we can enjoy the game by just pluggin-in the controller so we don't have to do that tedious task.

Thank you :)