View Full Version : One experienced player's thoughts on how to group with new people.

08-15-2017, 08:10 AM
I look at all my group mates, examining them. I can target them and press the 'z' key on my key board.

You will not run as fast as I. I slow down.
You'll need a guide through non-linier maps. I'll ask you if you need a guide; if you do, I'll come fetch you or ask someone else to.
I'll go slower and try to point out quest objectives.
I also point out graphics in the cooler dungeon designs.
I do not keep up with people who rush ('zergers') even when you are not in the party.
If you're not having fun, simply try a different character class. I hope you feel free to ask for advise.
Your character has no gear, no money, no resources. I know this by just watching your character on my monitor. I really do care.
I hope you join a guild and that the people in that guild helps you. Joining a guild implies you want to socialize. Socialize. I really enjoy guild mates who like to chat.
You have limited space in your back pack. When you loot, you'll go slower than me who has a lot of space. I usually stop for five to ten seconds at a treasure chest with new players (one second without new players).
If you take too long of a time while looting, I'm going to leave you behind. I value your company, but will not sacrifice my company to provide you company.
(So, with gaining more loot, try purchasing an extra back pack space from the DDO store. It will show respect for the developers and me. Loot is one great reward in gaming.)
But, I do not feel that way. Most of the time, when I am re-creating my character, I give away all my money and all my stuff, deleting the stuff which I can not give away.
I do this because of you, because of new players. I need to feel as comparable to a new player as much as I can, both for soloing and for grouping. I want to empathize with you.

Those are my thoughts and feeling.

... from Ronny.

08-17-2017, 08:08 PM
I agree with you.

As I have; ran many new player though quests, joined players who posted PUGs because they were stuck in a quest, and had the entire group recall/reset because some one could not find the way to the quest.
Some people forget that a MMOs are social games and we should be looking out for our fellow players, new or veterans.