View Full Version : Advice on Winning Reaper Settings

08-15-2017, 06:32 AM
Group Tactics

1) Use collision to your advantage.
2) Use a balanced party, healer - tank - two ranged dps - CC (bard fascinator)
3) melee dps. If the main tank can not keep agro, your character will die. You'll need to enter battles after the tank engages. Sneak.
4) Casters use ray attacks on crowned enemies and reapers. save your sp for those tough enemies. Enfeeble enemies. Exhaust them. Enervate them. If there is not a bard, use solid fog/exhaustion. Enemies crawl through that stuff.
5) Sorcerers, use force as your secondary dps type. Chain missiles, force missiles. Repair warforged and bladeforged. keep the melee hasted and raged and blured. Use Heroes Companion in the harper tree. Take extend metamagic just for haste and rage and REAPER settings.
6) Druids, use sleet storm and fom. Later, use sleet storm on top of an earth quake.
7) go slow, no zerging.
8) be a team
9) discuss hard fights before the battle.
10) listen to the leader. Leaders, have a mic.
11) leaders, if you can solo the quest on reaper-one, push it up by one for every extra player.
12) develop plans for different fights

Group Tactics was how we started playing this game. We had no equipment, no TRing, and really didn't know what combustion was. We relied on tactics. About four or five years after the game released, clerics started to disappear (basically when they nerfed blade barrier); they became a necessity again when you needed completionist.
Look at the new players. Bring them into your group. They play clerics because they have a conception that a cleric would be needed and would find a group easier. Well, put the reaper up a notch for every player in your group. You'll find reaper very fun with a balanced party who uses tactics.