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08-06-2017, 03:55 PM

This week we take a look at what is available in the DDO Store with our guests Evilbeeker, Arkat & Antha! We also get an early look at the upcoming changes to Favored Souls & Cleric Domains!

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The DDO Store - 1:54
Game News - 1:06:05
Community News - 1:24:32
Lightning Post - 1:17:54
Closing - 1:30:54

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08-07-2017, 03:33 AM
Assorted rambling thoughts as I listened

I love bladeforged, would definitely recommend the race, though mine is a pure light side shintao monk (not the most optimal racial choice but so what? WOLVERINE CLAWS) and I actually ditched that reconstruct SLA because I used it so rarely :)

Agree with the monster manual thing, they're longer term but the various bonuses you get from them give a lot of value. They can be a good incentive to go for the less-run content and optionals too - gotta collect em all!

A nice thing to buy I find are the collectables crates - ok it's a random selection, but at only 45tp a pop when they're full price & about 35 on sale, I've frequently used my VIP TP points grants on a stack of them to build up some crafting components.

Small exception for the never-buy weapons IMO are the special material quarterstaffs to cannith craft on - either for DR breaking (they've typically got 2 types eg. blessed silver), or pick up an adamantine one to make a high-hardness & high-durability general beater. The problem with them is they're bound to character on acquire, if they were bound to account instead then they'd be far more desirable for passing around alts - hint hint if you're reading, Cordovan :)

I like the guiding hands but yeah, I've picked them up from freebies or boxes, if you're in a quest when you have someone playing catch-up from late arrival, marking which route is cleared can be useful so i have a few on a number of my characters.

The missile-toe things I've picked up a handful for tactical use to make it easier to find some explorer points or to help jump through particularly nasty traps on vulnerable characters when soloing, but they're not something I'll use often.

Supreme upgrade tomes are interesting, as when you activate it will split out into 1 upgrade tome for each stat (each still BtoA), so you can split it among multiple characters who might only want 1 or 2 stats upgraded - can be a way to save money vs. getting a supreme tome or buying individual upgrade tomes for each character.

I always end up picking up a few heavy fort sapphires when there's a sale on augments, they're great, and go so well in the slaver's gear - hardened helm with that can keep you going to 20 or higher, another good place for it i find is in the mysterious cloak alongside a vitality augment. If you're TRing a lot, I recommend the kobold admiral's armour with moderate fort shard, great bit of kit for low levels.

Interesting thing with the loot gems is that you can apply them on other people as well as yourself - which is a rather subtle way to troll people, since if you throw it on a lowbie then they'll likely be pulling gear they won't actually be able to use for some time, particularly if they're running stuff at elite too.

On the ddo marketplace, regardless of what type of player you are, when the Black Friday deals roll around, get the starter pack - it's generally reduced down to less than £2 (or $3 i think? not sure exactly) and is phenomenal value.

Harper agent - if you like playing around with builds, especially using multiclasses or more unusual combos, it's great & opens up a lot of options.

Really like the look of the FvS changes, hopefully with the divine pass warpriest will be getting some amendments so that'd presumably carry over to the fvs too, meaning melee fvs could be making a comeback - It'd be nice to run a WF LoB FvS again.

Domain stuff looks pretty interesting, some nice options and tricky choices, though my nuking cleric will be going sun domain, he'll have so many lazors it'll be like a Jean Michelle Jarr concert! Disagree somewhat about the on-turn effects as 20sec is the duration of a regular action boost & it'll be one that stacks with them plus has mass AoE effect, so fine by me & I'm guessing that's what the devs were comparing it to for power level.