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07-21-2017, 09:36 AM
There was a thread about areas for new quests, and Searing Heights came up during the discussion:


Why Searing Heights?

Searing Heights is special because it is Free to Play area so everyone can access it. But unlike other wilderness areas it doesn't have enough quests in it for it to be integrated into the game as it should be.

Basically, new F2P players can enter it, but have no quest to play there because the only quest located there is quest from the Sentinels of Stormreach pack.

And even if one has access to this pack (and this quest), it is a shame that such big area has only one quest entrance there.

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Some initial details

Since one quest is about pirates in the area, one new quest should be about the Sulatar drow there. And it should be (IMO) level 6 Free to Play quest.

Level 6 because the area is level 6, and since the pirate quest is level 7, new one should be level 6 so that it makes sense why the wilderness area is level 6. And we could use one longer level 6 quest (since most level 6 quests are short).

And Free to Play because the area is Free to Play and it is nice to get a free quest once in a while.

It could have an epic version too which should be level 20 (like Bargain of Blood) since level 20 doesn't have many quests.

Quest should be long (30-45 minutes) as opposed to other level 6 quests (mostly very short).

One player posted a map of Searing Heights showing various points of interest where the area could be expaded (the big unreachable central area could get something in there) and potential quest entrances are also shown in Sulatar area.

Its just the Searing Heights Map with little circles where I think some drow-centric quests could be located and a big circle where I think a haunted castle should be situated. Something similar but not an exact copy of Rest Stop in the High Road.


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So the quest should be about the Sulatar drow, and the quest giver could be a Sulatar drow too, standing in Marketplace next to Searing Heights entrance.

The quest story could be about a Sulatar zealot maniac starting a ritual to activate a volcano next to the city which, when the ritual completes, would erupt and destroy Stormreach. The eruption would also kill all the Sulatar there, and this maniac explains that as their sacrifice which will lead them to great power in afterlife (as the Sulatar religion advertises).

The quest giver (also Sulatar drow, renegade expelled from the tribe for speaking against zealot maniac's plan) does not believe that because the zelot became more extreme only recently, and he thinks that there is something wrong, so the zealot maniac needs to be stopped to save both Sulatar people and Stormreach, so he sends you to do that.

You would first enter a Sulatar base and fight through their living space featuring mostly drow (with a few fire minions) and then reach deeper cave like dungeon area with lots of fire creatures (elementals, mephits) and fewer drow.

When you kill the Sulatar zealot maniac at the end, a fire reaver could appear, revealing that it was he who controlled the zealot and thought up the whole devious plan. And then you would fight the reaver too as a second boss.

The quest giver woud thank the player for saving the Sulatar from the demon and express hope for better relations between Sulatar and Stormreach in the future.

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Sulatar drow (by lore) use Mithral weapons and armor so the quest should give some Mithral armor and items as named chest loot.

Since it would be a Free to Play quest it doesn't need to have more than 2-3 items. Mithral armor, maybe a docent version too and 1 or 2 other Mithral items would be enough.

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If there are any plans to make a new quest for an update 36.x or U37, maybe this could be an idea for it.

07-21-2017, 10:08 AM
This is a cool idea, I've always really liked the Searing Heights. The drow there are very visually interesting and the fire area is super cool. I agree that another quest out there would be very nice. This would be great!

07-21-2017, 02:33 PM
nice idea. Make it so that one can sneak through and spare the sulatar drow